Trump’s Not The Problem with America. This Anti-Hillary Rant Proves It.

We’ve been covering Donald Trump’s rampant, if not pathological, dishonesty for months, and each time, we receive loads of anti-Hillary backlash from pro-Trump readers, like this:

Oh, it gets better…

Peggy went on to claim:

“Per the US Labor Statistics there are 95 million in this country who have stopped looking for work. There are 15 million actively looking for work. There are over 52 million on welfare. Real unemployment rate is at least 23% and not the lie the federal gov’t is telling. Before Hillary chose her VP as her running mate she sent out letters to Wall St banks asking them what they thought about Tim Kaine as her choice. Well Tim Kaine had already sent out letters to the banks advising he would not support more regulation on them. It’s a given. She will be working for Wall Street.

Trump is right. We need to build a wall (keep out illegals and drugs). Deport the illegals and bring back legally any that are legitimately needed for jobs. The illegals that come back will receive higher wages and so will the American workers receive higher wages.

Hillary is a taker not a giver. Her entire life has been financed by taking from others. She will work for Wall Street not Main Street. Obama promised the working class everything Hillary is now promising yet all of the working class are worse off in the last eight years. Obama is a complete failure; he has not focused on improving the economy; he truly doesn’t care about the people, only his agenda. I believe Hillary and Bill are the most corrupt couple ever in politics. I think they are corrupt to the core. And I think they both will drive this country further into the ground. Of course along with George Soros help, the most evil man in America.

Hillary went from being ‘dead broke’ in 2000 (when she tried to steal furniture from the White House furnishings) to a current net worth of $125,000,000.00”

Is this a damning condemnation of Hillary Clinton?

In that whole diatribe, every single claim is false, except two.

95 million Americans not working and 23% unemployment?  Sure, if you include 65 million Americans who are still in school or retired. Undocumented immigrants haven’t taken away your jobs; they do the work that no one else wants but needs to get done.  They don’t lower your wages either.  In fact, many economists have found that undocumented immigrant laborers cause salaries to go up, so there goes the argument that deporting them will raise salaries. Oh, and economists have also shown that Trump’s economic policies will cause massive inflation, which he conveniently never mentions. That means you get poorer, by the way.

Other crazy lies people like Peggy keep saying?  Undocumented immigrants are violent criminals.  False.  Illegal aliens are coming over in record numbers. False.  Muslim refugees pose clear and present danger to the United States.  False.  Obama has done nothing.  Seriously??!!  She stole $200,000 in furniture from the White House? False. She’s a murderer? False. She’s a pathological liar? False. We could go on and on.

And, what happens when we point to the facts that prove all of those asserters were wrong?  The anti-Hillary crusaders counter, “those so-called-facts are all just another liberal plot.”

The danger of random reinforcement.

Two things were true in Peggy’s rant.  Clinton did claim to be broke when she and President Clinton left office, and Kaine did sign on to two letters calling for federal regulators to ease restrictions on banks. When we do the honest thing and point out these moments, the anti-Hillary crusaders smugly thrust out their chests and proclaim “A-Ha! You see? We were right!  She’s a liar!”

News flash: your mom has lied too.  If someone said your mom told 75 lies and only one of them was true, would you nail her up to a cross? Derp. Now Trump fans aren’t looking to vilify their moms, but they do want any excuse under the sun to paint Hillary Clinton as THE most crooked liar in the history of American politics, who will destroy the very fabric of our way of life in 0.02 seconds after taking office.  And steal your guns.  Don’t forget that one.

Do you remember the Swedish Chef?  His cooking lessons make more sense than these ludicrous enumerations of conspiracy theories and debunked garbage.  But the random reinforcement of one or two true statements dropped into the pabulum of nonsense makes it sound credible to those who already wanted to hear it.  That’s one of the secrets to Trump’s endless menagerie of lies. He does say something true now and then, onto which all his supporters can cleave as evidence that everything else was gospel truth.

Trump isn’t the problem with America. Many of his fans are.

Last week, the New York Times made headlines by finally using the word “lie” to describe Trump’s anti-birther nonsense.  This week they’ve upped the ante with “A week of whoppers from Donald Trump,” the 31 outrageous falsehoods and lies he told in just one week. How do many of his supporters react? Like Peggy. You point out a litany of examples of despicable behavior from Trump, and rather than address or even acknowledge those concerns, they attack Hillary. They happily ignore hundreds upon hundreds of his lies, but rabidly they jump all over one Clinton gaffe like zombies on brains.

Thing is, these endless anti-Hillary conspiracy rants fail even the most basic tests of logic and fact checking. But the people who spout them, and the others who lap it up, either don’t care or don’t know enough to notice!

As much as we ascribe the future of the country to the person in the oval office, our true future rests in the hands of those raising our children. The fact that a major percentage of Trump supporters can’t be bothered to apply any skepticism to Trump’s incessant lies is not only the most shameful and embarrassing part of this election. It’s everything that is wrong with this country.

Featured Image:  Wikimedia Commons

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