Another Mike Pence Is Getting All Of The Twitter Hate Mail To VP Pence

Mike Pence Twitter hate mail
(image via Distractify)

It seems that having the same name as somebody that is loathed by millions of Americans can have a detrimental effect. Especially if that name is Mike Pence as one Twitter user is discovering.

Right Twitter Hate Mail, Wrong Twitter Address

Many social media users have been sending hate mail to @mikepence. As it turns out, this poor soul is a liberal software developer. The Vice-President-elect that has advocated hate filled jargon like conversion therapy for homosexuals. Pence also expresses outright ignorance over issues like evolution and thinks creationism of his faith alone should be taught in the classroom. That Mike Pence is @mike_pence.

Here is a little sampling of what the poor grandfather is suffering through on a daily basis:

All this hate being levied at the wrong guy by people who neglected to check the bio of the poor guy. He is being bombarded almost daily.

Mike Pence (not the VP-elect) has fired back but to no avail. The flood seems to be ceaseless.

Mike has also enjoyed a little light trolling over the confusion. He enjoys portraying an erotic love affair between VP-elect Pence and Donald Trump.

“I can’t begin to catch up with the mentions of @mikepence on Twitter. On the one hand, it has been hugely entertaining, since I get to troll conservatives a bit by pretending to be in a love affair with @realDonaldTrump using my account. On the other hand, any hope I had of actually using it to have conversations with the many amazing software engineers that I know is pretty much on hold until the governor is (hopefully) no longer the talk of the moment.”

“It is also interesting that for all of our obsession with our mobile devices, television appearances blow up my notifications like nothing else does.”- The Other Mike Pence to NY Mag

Mike has tried to politely brush off the storm at first, however, it would seem that after the election the flood is just too much to stem the tide of.

While we feel for Mr. Pence being confused for the VP-elect, it is truly hilarious.

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