Ann Coulter Defends Donald Trump’s Bigotry: ‘We’re NOT A Nation Of Immigrants’ (AUDIO)

Ann Coulter defends Donald Trump in epic racist rant.

#NeverTrump? Ann Coulter doubles down.

While the rest of us jump on the #NeverTrump bandwagon, Ann Coulter’s doubles down and defends Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigrants.

Those of us who didn’t already find Donald Trump repellent got a serious reality check in the wake of the Orlando shootings. Instead of responding as a leader should, with an inspirational message to help us make sense of the senseless, Mein Trumpf once again called for a ban on Muslims.

Even Republicans are getting more and more queasy about their likely nominee, but not Ann Coulter. Right Wing Watch reports she went on fellow right-winger Eric Metaxas’s radio show to promote her upcoming book and expound upon the non-existent virtues of Donald Trump.

Oh, but how can she? Never underestimate the woman who has “claimed that God is raising up Trump to save the world from 1,000 years of darkness.” Because she was not kidding.

Ann Coulter is blissfully oblivious to the fact that most of humanity would likely — if cast into darkness for 1,000 and then cruelly awakened by a blazing heavenly light and the sight of God raising up Donald Trump — choose to cast itself back into the darkness. But not Coultergeist. She thinks Donald Trump’s the bee’s knees.

Ann Coulter defends Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim remarks after the Orlando shooting.

Far from denouncing Donald Trump’s racist anti-immigrant rhetoric, Ann Coulter has claimed credit for it! And then, she declared that we are not a “nation of immigrants”: The Democrats just made all that up so their rich donors could keep importing Mexicans, Muslims and other people she and The Donald hate for cheap labor. Never mind the fact that FrankenTrumpf himself has availed himself of this cheap immigrant labor:

“We’re not a nation of immigrants. We have never been a nation of immigrants. This is a myth invented by the Democrats for electoral purposes and Republicans for who knows what reasons, because their donors need the cheap labor.”

We’re not a nation of immigrants? Hmm. The Native Americans who lived here before our white European ancestors came, infected them with smallpox and stole their land might disagree with that. As would the Spanish-speaking people who lived in the southwestern part of the US…Which used to be Mexico until we invaded and stole their land, too. Oh, and the black people who were dragged to the shores of America in chains may have also seen themselves as immigrants, albeit unwilling ones.

After Ann Coulter’s host agrees that His Hairness is our nation’s last hope, she tells him the unfortunate title of her new book is “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome.” And the only problem Eric Metaxas has with it is that some of his fellow Christians may see it as taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Here’s the audio from the first part of Ann Coulter’s interview with Eric Metaxas.

And here’s the audio from the second part.

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