Angry Baby Jesus Crowd Gets Trolled On The Starbucks Facebook Page

Joshua Feuerstein's war on coffee.

T’wasn’t even the night before thanksgiving….

Today it is rather easy for people to publicly display the angrys at what ever they are told to be angry at. The latest bit of outrage by the typical non-thinking right wing nut jobs happens to be directed at Starbucks. Because, not enough baby Jesus to go with the abortion flavored coffee. With rants from that psychotic bigot fueling keyboard rage, sometimes the best response to his mindless sheeple is with a bit of lulz. Why not make light of the potatoe brigade spewing nonsense on the internets right? Armed with a freshly minted Jesus cup photo and a page called Starbucks Customer Support page one internet user did just that.

With this image the trolling began



12227672_847945398981_8268958742005207205_n .

And the gospel was spread throughout Starbucks Facebook page..

Two Jesus's one cup!
Two Jesus’s one cup!





Star honoring them? Who is this person talking about honoring? One of the 13,000 variation of the bible being utilized today? Or perhaps honoring Mohammed? Mithra? Osiris? Or the snowmen and  snowflakes used on the original cups?





Funny this moron thinks snowmen and snowflakes are secular symbols. The last time i went to the First Church of the Holy Frosty the Snowman he melted! PROOF THAT THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS IS HAPPENING!




EXPOSED!! Finally! Starbucks REAL agenda! They put the Invisible Pink Unicorn on EVERYTHING! Trust me! They do!




The war on Christmas begins by playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving!




You can barely make out that profile pic, it’s a lovely looking chap. I bet he is popular at his snake charming church for the inbred.




Satan cup. Because, nothing makes that “War on Christmas” statement more than a Satan cup.




Un-Americans. Really, what is that?




This guy is DONE with the liberal hacks. His patriotism shines through that tinfoil hat he wears while fapping away to Republican Jesus all while saving the planet from Islamo fascist liberal Marxist socialist coffee cups!






Um, yep. Ok. Can we start with the Greek Gods?



This one is trying to deny that any of this so called War on Christmas is really happening. Little does she know…

Starbucks evil plan!
Starbucks evil plan!









This guy again?


Always someone trying to put the Christ back in Mas, because so many people take it out of the Mas! Horrible! This war is tragic..,





Also gotta be someone modifying something…




And we found the page on Trumps wall too. The page appears to be silent after. We hope it comes back soon to spread the holidaze spirits!




It appears that the War on Christmas is running as scheduled. I’m sure that once again this year the persecuted victims that believe in Republican Jesus will be crying as much as possible. We must take a moment of silence and pray to his noodliness the Flying Spaghetti Monster that this stupid ceases. Until it does, feel free to openly troll these ill-informed malcontents. Together we can wage a war on stupid.

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