Ana Navarro: ‘You Can Collude And Be Stupid At The Same Time’ (Video)

Ana Navarro

Republican Strategist Ana Navarro has developed quite the reputation as a bit of a rogue Republican. She doesn’t toe the party line when it comes to Donald Trump. She doesn’t abide the misogyny or the lies and collusion. But she most certainly doesn’t abide the white privilege.

Excuses have been a similar theme for Donald Trump Jr. since the release of damaging emails that show, if nothing else, a desire to collude with the Russian government in the 2016 election. Excuses that seem to allude to ignorance as an acceptable excuse for meeting with a Russian operative.

Being new to politics is somehow an acceptable answer as to why Donald Trump and his family have spent the last year lying to the American people. It seems Republicans have completely forgotten that their position on being “new” to politics is not an excuse for shortcomings. Or maybe that was just because the President was black and only a “community organizer.”

Donald Trump Jr. is apparently a “good kid” and a “good boy” according to his father. Trump Jr. is still a kid even though he is 39 years of age. A scant 8 years younger than Barack Obama when he became the leader of the free world.  Furthermore, Don Jr. is the exact same age as French President Emmanuel Macron right now.

Let’s call the excuses what they really are: white privilege. The bottom line is that being stupid is no excuse nor is being ignorant. With the language used in the email and the revelation that a former Russian intelligence operative was in the room at the time of the meeting, ignorance may not even be a defense anymore.

Then again, is one ever really a “former” Russian intelligence operative?

In an interview with Business Insider, William Browder, the man who led the effort behind the Magnitsky Act, gave a little insight:

“In the world of Russian intelligence, there is no such thing as a ‘former intelligence officer.”

Surely there will be more excuses coming from the GOP. They will continue to defend the Trump family no matter how many lies are exposed. But there are some on the right that will not stand for it and Ana Navarro is one of them.

Featured image via screen capture

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