Americans Will Be Poisoned If Republicans Abolish The EPA

Think eliminating the EPA won’t change your life? Think again.

Both on and off the campaign trail, Republicans are quick to tell Americans that they just can’t wait to get rid of the EPA. Perhaps they use the agency’s initials because if they said, Environmental Protection Agency, more people might question why they are against protecting the environment.

The Environmental Protection agency does much more than establish safety guidelines. They enforce existing laws against pollution under the Clean Air Act, and Clean Water Act, monitor toxins in the environment and much more. They also work with other government entities to protect public safety, which is why eliminating the agency could also lead to more incidents of food poisoning, since the EPA works along with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by monitoring and regulating the chemicals used on our crops.

3694712395_72046fcbe1_mAnyone who doesn’t understand what ‘smaller government’ and ‘deregulation’ really means should know that it’s simply a misleading way of saying, politicians owned by corporate lobbyists are going to let big banks and big polluters do whatever they want to the American public, even if it kills some of them.

Think about it. Does polluting your air benefit you or your family? How does eliminating enforcement of the Clean Water Act help your drinking water supply? How about leaving decisions on whether or not to clean up toxic chemicals and oil spills up to the company that spilled them? Does that work for you? Because if it does, then you really are in favor of eliminating the EPA, as well as the Republican agenda to let corporations set the rules for your life and health.

There is no doubt, abolishing EPA will give Americans far more dirty air and poisoned water than they have now.

As Grist points out:

EPA doesn’t just invent its regulations out of thin air. It is the agency charged with implementing laws such as the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, which have been passed by Congress. It studies pollutants that are harmful to human health, writes rules to curb those pollutants, and monitors compliance.”

When Toxic Disasters Strike, What Would We Do Without The EPA?

The EPA is also among the first agency’s called when there’s an oil spill, toxic chemical spill, and any other incident that involves protecting Americans from pollutants, many of which are deadly.

Consider the Elk River West Virginia chemical spill in 2014. It poisoned the water of an entire city, and later made its way into other waterways, traveling as far away as Ohio.

4670595792_40f47d7c1a_mThen there was the 2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill, which poured more than 200 million gallons of crude into Gulf waters, followed by more than 1 million gallons of the toxic dispersant Corexit. Four years later, evidence of the catastrophic event is still present in diseased fish marred with oil tumors. To this day, tar balls still wash up on Gulf beaches after storms.

We Need Regulations To Protect Us From Corporate Greed

More than ever, Americans are aware of how politicians do the bidding of the lobbyists who fill their campaign coffers, at the expense of doing what’s best for the public. This corruption manifests itself in every part of our daily lives, from the fees we pay on our bank accounts, to the size of our paychecks after payroll deductions. More importantly, government regulations control how much poison is allowed in our food, water and air.

It’s very easy to know which side of this issue you should be on. Simply ask yourself, who would benefit from the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency? If the answer is someone other than yourself or your family, make sure you vote against any candidate who wants to get rid of the EPA.

Featured image: flickr/The Sierra Club

Water pollution image: flickr/Steve Snodgrass

Oil spill covered bird image: flickr/Sam Churchill


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