The American People Have Been The Victim Of A Coup (Video)

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Keith Olbermann cried out for help from foreign intelligence agencies. Did he go too far?

In an appeal to intelligence agencies around the world, Keith Olbermann of the Resistance has said it clearly and loudly: We American citizens are the victims of a coup, one that has taken out our top intelligence agency with a summary and suspect firing of its head. He asked them for information, as we have heard for months they all have damning intel that we need to defeat this coup. But, did this outcry go too far, is his request for information from foreign intelligence services by any means necessary pushing the limits of what he should have done?

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Perhaps it was. It is a time in our country’s history that is defying a lot of “shoulds.” The facts are that we are now forced to doubt that the FBI can be considered as “neutral” in regards to this investigation. Their Director was fired after asking for more resources, that is money, to complete the investigation into the allegations of collusion between Donald J. Trump’s campaign and Russian interests.

It may not have been an acceptable thing to do, in an America where we can trust our intelligence community. It may have gone too far in a nation under the rule of law. However, the question is apparent: are we still in a nation under the rule of law?

What do you think, did Olbermann’s appeal cross the line, or has that line instead been blurred by the circumstances surrounding this administration?

Watch his appeal here, courtesy of Youtube:

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