Alt-Right Savage And Thug Sucker Punches Woman “For Equality” (Video)

Nathan Damigo, founder @IdentityEvropa, white nationalist group sucker punches woman

Too many Trump supporters are bullies. Bullies are cowards. And cowards only initiate violence when the deck is stacked in their favor. In other words, when the targeted victim is smaller and weaker and they can be assured of a victory. That’s the nature of a bully.

This video features self-identified Trump supporter Nathan Damigo sucker punching and continuing to beat a woman. The responses of the members of a former liberal group that’s been hijacked by Trump Trolls is mind boggling. First, they defend this unwarranted, unprovoked act of violence. Next, the comments were shocking in their callousness and lack of compassion.

They justified the first sucker punch, as well as the continued beating of this woman with hackneyed phrases like: “These Antifa fucktards want to play like men they might get what they’re asking for.” Heather Perkins, Trump supporter, responding to the video of Damigo sucker punching a woman above. (Cited in DemoCraps for Trump Facebook page.)

First, he would never have done this to a man because his physical dominance would not have been assured. In fact, it would have ended abruptly right after that sucker punch. Which is why he didn’t choose a man. He chose a target that almost assured his victory. The last thing a bully wants is an evenly matched altercation. Had he accidentally sucker punched a man, he would have broken land/speed records leaving the scene to avoid the inevitable beatdown he deserved.

Second, why do some conservative males, as well as some conservative females, equate a woman wanting equality in the workplace: equal pay for equal work; decent leave and health care; and, a harassment-free workplace environment; wanting to be a man? Last I checked, 40% of American households are now two-wage-earner households.

Finally, what I find most interesting, is that those involved in this uncalled for violence would be the first ones to call any type of property violence in an African-American community, regardless of the cause, and call the participants “savages and thugs”.

Things that make you go Hmmm.

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