Alt-Right Has Begun Eating Itself Amid Antisemitism And Fears Of Broken Promises


Alt-right troll and activist Mike Cernovich seems to be having a tough time with the horribly antisemitic “Jewish question“, a supposition as to the treatment of Jews that eventually led to the phrase in World War 2 Germany, ” The Final Solution To The Jewish Question”.  

But this isn’t a real shocker coming from the alt-right after a video of a rally went viral showing many excited and obvious white nationalists performing their fascist salute in celebratory glee. Just goes to show how open they are with each other expressing their antisemitism.

This particular example of antisemitic behavior expressed by the white nationalist movement known as the alt-right is showcased loud and clear when a tweet was sent by a conservative microblogger and Cernovich minion.

If he is referring to the mainstream news media then he is wrong. That he implies he believes in some vast evil Jewish conspiracy is laughable and very unsettling. Allegations like this have deep roots in the white supremacist movement and are blatant expressions of antisemitism.

Racist Trolls Having An Argument, And All Before Mike Cernovich’s Big Day :'( 


That Cernovich and this microblogger just casually drop in conversation the “JQ” when referring to the “Jewish Question” should be very telling indeed. The irony of trying to hide their true opinions from a base that shares them isn’t lost. With the KKK having Trump victory march’s, it isn’t like many of them haven’t expressed similar opinions.

@bakedalaska began to relentlessly troll Cernovich over his dismissal from Cernovich’s big day. He especially harped on Mike’s lisp sending many untoward tweets mocking the troll in denial.

Even everyone’s favorite walking contradiction Milo Yiannopoulos got a piece as a screenshot of an email was leaked by @bakedalaska showing just how blown out of proportion Milo’s ego is.

Milo Yiannopoulos, of course, had his feelings hurt over his public humiliation in the exposure of his smug sense of self-importance and alluded to an impending lawsuit over nondisclosure.

This Isn’t The Only Way They Are Turning On Each Other

Professed founder of the alt-right Richard Spencer had divisive comments for Donald Trump as his school-girl like infatuation with the President-elect wanes. According to The Blaze Spencer is quoted as saying:

“Donald Trump was never a racial dissident of the sort that I am. He was never one of us. He’s an American nationalist. The left was wrong to think that he was dancing to the tune of people like myself.”

Spencer was just upset that Trump, the apple of his eye, denounced his movement which is steeped in xenophobia, antisemitism, and racism.

It seems these leaders of the alt-right are not only imploding over antisemitism but becoming disenchanted with The Donald as well.

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