White Supremacist Shoots 6 People Dead In Mosque, Trump Supporters Blame Muslim Bystander (VIDEO)

Trumpists blamed Muslims for Sunday's terrorist attack on people praying in a mosque. The suspect turns out to be Alexandre Bissonnette, an angry white guy.
Featured image: Alexandre Bissonnette via Facebook and video screen grab via Fox News.

On Sunday night, two men were arrested for a terrorist attack on a Mosque in Quebec City: Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Belkhadir. Six people died and eight more were wounded.

At first, Reuters reported two gunmen had opened fire on people inside the mosque who had gathered for evening prayers. The AP then gave out the names. Late Monday afternoon, the news came out that Mohamed Belkhadir is a witness, not a suspect. He had been praying at the mosque along with everyone else. Both young men are students at Université Laval in Québec. Bissonnette is a native and Belkhadir comes from Morocco.

On Monday afternoon, Reuters reported that Alexandre Bissonnette is the sole suspect in what Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called a “terrorist attack.”

Court documents identified the gunman in the attack on Sunday evening prayers as Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, and charged him with six murder counts and five counts of attempted murder with a restricted weapon. The slightly-built Bissonnette made a brief appearance in court under tight security wearing a white prison garment and looking downcast.

Trump supporters blame Muslims for terrorist attack on mosque.

It took about 10 hours for police to release the names of the suspects, and and even longer for Reuters and other news outlets to clear Mohamed Belkhadir’s name. Luckily for him, they got his name wrong.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters filled the void of information by jumping on Twitter and blaming Muslims for the shootings.

One slammed Justin Trudeau for saying refugees are welcome in Canada.

Another sneered that “the longer we go without being told the race of the shooters, the less likely it is to be white men.”

Another posted a GIF with Homer Simpson ducking into the bushes and snarked, “The media after finding out the Quebec Mosque shooters were Muslim.”

Oh, and here’s a gem: “Hey, @JustinTrudeau, how’s that diversity working out for you?”

By that logic, Canada should ban people from the U.S. because our country is full of racists and white terrorists. When the media first released what they thought were the two suspects’ names, the Trumpists zeroed in on the (former) suspect with the Muslim-sounding name.

But worst of all was Donald Trump’s Press Douche Sean Spicer using a terrorist attack on a mosque to justify his boss’s ban on Muslims. After making vague noises of sympathy, Spicer declared:

“It’s a terrible reminder of why we must remain vigilant and why the president is taking steps to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to our nation’s safety and security.”

Here’s the video.

Alexandre Bissonnette is a classic white terrorist.

Many of us who oppose Donald Trump long to move to Canada. But it turns out that our neighbors in the Great White North also have their share of angry white male bigots. The French-speaking province of Quebec seems to have more than their share of them.

Vice did a little sleuthing and found that although Alexandre Bissonnette speaks the language of what many right-whingers in the U.S. call “cheese-eating surrender monkeys,” he’s got lots in common with our Trumpkins. And like so many other mass shooters, he was also a misfit loner who had gotten bullied when he was younger.

  • La Presse says he studied political science and “was known to troll a Facebook group for refugees.” Oh, and a group administrator described Bissonnette as xenophobic and fond of the term “feminazi.”
  •  The Globe and Mail adds that this anti-Muslim terrorist is a fan of Marine Le Pen, an ultra conservative “nationalist” in France who claims Muslims praying in public is like a “Nazi occupation.”
  • Journal de Québec reports two men told police Bissonnette’s a Trump supporter. One called him an “ultra nationalist white supremacist.” A classmate added, “He has right-wing political ideas, pro-Israel, anti-immigration…He was obviously pro-Trump.”

The report from La Presse also sheds light why police saw Mohamed Belkhadir as a suspect at first. He was giving first aid to a friend when he saw someone with a weapon, panicked, and fled to the parking lot. The person with the weapon turned out to be a police officer. He said he doesn’t blame them for arresting him.

“They saw me flee, they thought I was suspicious, that’s normal. For them, someone who flees is a suspect.”

WATCH:  Alexandre Bissonnette charged on six counts of murder.

Although the folks at Fox News took their own sweet time with reporting that Mohamed Belkhadir was no longer a suspect, they finally did it towards the end.

Featured image: Alexandre Bissonnette via Facebook and video screen grab via Fox News.

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