Add Kasich To The Clown Bus (VIDEO)

By the fabulous Donkey Hotey

God has apparently been talking to a lot of republican politicians and encouraging them to run. Maybe he just wants to see the full spread of potentials out there before he starts whittling down the field. Or perhaps he finds the seemingly endless supply of nattering buffoons as entertaining as the rest of us and he wanted just one more entry into the Clown Bus? Enter Ohio Governor John Kasich. This Republican Presidential Circus is now in full swing and strangely absent is Newt Gingrich but there is still time.

To Kasich’s credit, he is the most intelligent of the braying ninnies that have already signed up to feast at the Koch brother’s trough. Kasich unfortunately has one gigantic white elephant on his back that will keep the volume of billionaire money to a minimum: Medicare. Kasich basically went to war with the GOP in Ohio over Medicaid expansion. Putting on an Obamacare Jacket is an instant way to be labelled a RINO and no candidate wears that scarlet letter more that Kasich. He did something to improve the lives of poor people and that is simply not done if you are to worship the Koch cash cow.

Kasich promised to improve the economy by using the as of yet, untried and probably completely successful economic theory to cut taxes, cut regulation and cut entitlements. It’s surely going to impress all of the Nobel-prize-winning economists who have never heard of such a thing and prove that Paul Krugman is a stupid commie.

It’s certainly going to be an interesting election cycle with republicans trying to out-right everyone else to prove their conservative bonifides while Jeb hopes all the crazy will wash off him as he swears to fight the establishment! He. swears. to. fight. the. establishment. That needed repeating because it’s obvious that flat imbecility courses through the veins of that family.

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Thomas is a disgruntled rake-hell full of piss and vinegar about this last election that he fully intends to unleash on the Goon Commander when he brings his gang of incorrigible reprobates into the White House.

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