A Dying Conservative Movement Is Why Donald Trump May Become The Next President Of The United States

Most pundit’s, the news media, and the donor class are blind about what’s really going on in America, which is why Donald Trump might actually be elected President of the United States. Sound crazy? Perhaps. But not if you look at the economics of the conservative movement and its impact on the working class and income inequality.

For years, the conservative movement has been shoving trickle-down economics down the throat of working class Americans, assuring them that if the government just keeps giving rich people more tax breaks and protects corporate interests, everyone else in America will have great prosperity. That actually sounds so stupid it’s amazing that anyone ever believed it in the first place.

Establishment conservatives have concurrently tried to steer the minds of voters away from what they’re doing economically through distractions and placing blame everywhere but where it belongs. While the language may be nuanced, the message is clear. Modern conservatism suggests that if someone is different from you in their beliefs or physical appearance, it’s “their fault” your life isn’t better. Another possible reason for this to be promoted as “proper” conservative thinking is because it’s always easier to cast blame than accept responsibility.

What’s been missing from the conservative argument is reality, because the truth is, stopping a woman from getting an abortion, blocking the rights of same sex couples, demonizing the working poor, or sending millions of Americans to jail for years, will not add a penny to your paycheck, buy you a bigger house, pay for your kids’ college education, or guarantee that the water that comes out of your faucet is hasn’t been poisoned by your own government. These are highly emotional social issues. And while they can and do have an economic impact on some people, they do not create the conditions necessary for economic growth among the working classes.

Perhaps voters are just now catching on to the fact that they’ve been tricked, and they aren’t buying what the party elites are selling them anymore. Perhaps they now realize that there is no such thing as trickle-down economics, which is a clever way of implying that prosperity can somehow grow out of the crumbs the ruling class tosses off their tables into the laps of the poor.

Enter Donald Trump.

Trump opens Pandora's box

Say what you will about his crude statements and racist overtones, he is gathering momentum among the electorate, and not just with Republicans. Democrats and Independents are open to what his candidacy represents. He’s not a professional politician and doesn’t have a Super PAC being filled by the donor class. He is part of the donor class, but voters don’t seem to care. They don’t care if he hasn’t been deemed a “real conservative” by the party elites. All they seem to care about is flushing out the current lot of pre-programed politicians who memorize talking points on policies they have no intention of implementing.

Voters are rejecting conservatism because trickle-down prosperity is not real. They know that now. And they have been shouting their displeasure with gridlock for years. Yet the politicians that have been causing it refuse to listen or change their ways. All they hear is the voice of their donors, who promise to spend as much money as it takes to trick voters into reelecting them.

What conservatives seem to be missing is that it’s hard to persuade people to vote for ideas that have cost them their jobs, homes, pensions, a better future for their children, and the ability of the planet to sustain life and the food chain. How conservatives continue to convince voters that pollution (in any form) is good, is mind-boggling. What good is having a great paying job if it poisons your water, your air, your land, and gives you cancer?

Indeed, the conservative movement may be more dead than the pundits are willing to admit. Politicians fighting for the economic protection of the rich is like wearing a mini-skirt. It was once fashionable but no longer fits as you get older.

Democrats don’t exactly have clean hands either when it comes to fueling the flames of income inequality, because they, too, are under the control of the donor class. Case in point: There is no denying that Obamacare has helped save lives and make healthcare more accessible to millions of people. But there is also no denying that Obamacare is a government program designed to protect the profits of private corporations, namely, insurance companies.

When the cupboards are bare and the future looks bleak, people will do desperate things. If that includes electing a man who might be an authoritarian racist with a “huge” ego, who could cause more problems than he solves, then we will all have to deal with the consequences.

An economically starved and frustrated electorate is what that the right-wing conservative oligarchy has created. Blinded by their greed, they refused to see the political revolution coming, and now they are dumbfounded as to how to stop it.

So much for the argument that rich people are smarter than everyone else. Clearly, money does not equal intelligence, wisdom, or the ability to judge right from wrong and just plain stupid.

Photo Credit: Fox News

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