5 Questions That Will Torment Any Republican

liberalThere are many times when a Republican projects the truth about themselves onto their counterpoints and for whatever damaged part of the brain that causes the mental infirmity that is Republicanism, they insist on braying endlessly about the evils of being liberal without ever knowing the definition. We’ve all experienced the life-force sucking of your crazy uncle or grandfather that watches that one entertainment channel that spews a litany of lies in a perpetual 24 hour cycle which is owned by an Australian and Wahhabi Saudi Prince. That’s where an unfortunate amount of Americans get their “patriotism” spoon-fed to them and if you ever reach the irritability breaking point with these nitwits, here are five questions that no conservative Republican can answer honestly and will sure send them into an apoplectic fit.

The easiest and most effective way to prove that a Republican is a liar is to promptly stick them between a rock and a hard place with this provocative question:

1. Does cutting taxes spur economic growth?

At the root of Republican economic “theory” is the despicable sophistry that supply-side economics works and that patron Saint Ronnie proved that it did. While Republicans look back with fond devotion to the worst president of the 20th century, they also forget that George W. Bush proved that tax cuts and Republican economic policies on the whole will gobble up surpluses and explode both debt and deficits. Of course if they answer with the truth, (which I have never seen and I have asked this question of hundreds of Republicans) then they are not Republicans. Lying and ignoring facts is part and parcel of being a Republican and illuminating that point is extremely gratifying when the circumstance arises.

The next time you hear some bloviating idiot parroting the nauseating talking points of Bill O the Clown about the Iran deal, take a moment to unsheathe some Republican kryptonite and let loose on Saint Ronnie with a line of inquiry that will have them in a fit:

2. Is selling arms to our mortal enemies Iran an act of treason?

Republicans are in a perpetual state of confusion about everything and they are shockingly ignorant of even recent history and with the incessant drivel being put out by Bullshit Mountain, no Republican that is crowing about the Iran deal will recall that Republican Jesus Ronald Reagan sold arms to the very same government that funded the murder of 241 serviceman in Beirut.

Republicans are always whining endlessly about paying too much in taxes. Of course they have no point of reference for this compared to other civilized countries but as much as they want to return America to the economic powerhouse that we were in the 1950s, they really don’t have much use for the measures that actually spurred the greatest economic boon in all of human history.

3. What was the top tax rate during the greatest economic boon in human history?

During the 50s the top tax rate during the Eisenhower administration was 94%! During that time the government created millions of jobs constructing the interstate highway system but as any republican of today will tell you, government doesn’t create jobs. The US saw the greatest economic prosperity when income inequality was at it’s lowest point and republicans have worked 65 years to convince their gullible, poor and compliant base that as the traitor Reagan famously said, “Government is the problem.”

Nobody has touted the economic sophistry more than the traitor Grover Norquist who runs the Americans For Tax Reform lobby. He has terrorized all Republicans and forced the responsible Republicans from office if they raise any tax rate whatever. There are only 3 Republicans in office that have not signed his pledge to never raise taxes which is their sworn duty to do and a violation of their oath of office by not doing. This is a salient point to bring up to any member of the party of treason:

4. Is signing an oath to a lobbyist run by dark money from foreign donors which usurps their constitutional duty to levy taxes an act of treason?

Of course it is and you can enjoy the equivocating Republicans will do as they dance around the topic of their fomenting of treason which has our infrastructure crumbling because of their dastardly sequestration and obstruction of any and all funding for public projects.

Republicans are also the most vulgar hypocrites that love parading the abhorrent “virtues” they preach for everyone else while doing the opposite in private of course. Hypocrisy is marrow-deep in all republicans and nothing illuminates this point more than the Republican war on women. The next time you are in the presence of an oxygen-thieving Republican that is wailing about “getting the government of their back,” lay into them with the precision of a Jedi Master:

5. If you don’t want “big government” to regulate businesses, then why do you think it is okay for them to regulate what a woman does with their vagina?

Brace for a withering assault of potato logic that will end with you being a baby killer and such. If they also make the mistake to talk about, “why should I have to pay for a woman’s contraception” then you can retort, “why does government mandate that I pay for your Viagra?” That usually shuts Uncle Stupidjerk right up.

Republicans are infantile in the beliefs and wholly ignorant about what makes this country work and they relish doing everything they can to break it. When they wreck the economy, they invariably lose the next election cycle as Bush did and immediately start blaming the Democrats for the mess they made. It is a party full of the worst reprobates in the land who will say and do anything they can to destroy and weaken our republic.

Conservative/Republicans have been a scourge on this country since its inception and they have never stopped trying to march us back to the Dark Ages with draconian policies that have failed every single time they have been implemented. Republicans are both seditious and demented. They are also more motivated to cheat and steal any election they possibly can and the most vulgar gerrymandering in history is not going to be corrected unless we show up at polls with the same devotions as the traitors. These are the people who are voting when you’re not.

This is truly a matter of life and death. Do you really want nitwitted rubes like these to have more of a say in what happens to your life than? This is precisely why we can’t have nice things.

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Thomas is a disgruntled rake-hell full of piss and vinegar about this last election that he fully intends to unleash on the Goon Commander when he brings his gang of incorrigible reprobates into the White House.

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