5 Key Differences Between Hillary Clinton’s & Bernie Sanders’ Campaigns For President

If you are an American voter today, chances are you have pretty much already solidified your decision of exactly who should be elected as America’s next President in 2016. It is always a good idea to do research on each candidate prior to an election, rather than blindly following a candidate based solely on gender, or race, or whether or not the mainstream media is endorsing this person’s campaign. I implore everyone of you to research each candidate’s entire history in Washington as a reference as to what that candidate’s main objectives will be if they are elected to the highest office in the land. My two best choices for President in 2016 are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and here are 5 major differences between these two Candidates to possibly help you to base your opinions on.

1). Clinton has a mere 8 years of experience serving America as a U.S. Senator from 2001 – 2009 at which-point she was appointed to Barack Obama’s cabinet as Secretary of State. Clinton was acting Secretary of State for the Obama administration from 2009 – 2013, Clinton has 6 years less experience as an elected official than the average 2016 Democratic Candidate. Bernie Sanders has a whopping 34 years of experience serving the U.S. as an elected official and that is 15 years greater than the average 2016 Democratic Candidate.

2). Clinton is 67 years old and would be 68 when officially sworn in to office on November 8, 2016 while Sanders is currently 73 and on November, 8 2016 would make history as not only the first Jewish U.S. President but also the oldest. While there is no age cap on the office of President some argue that it must be a consideration as most people begin losing their mental faculties as they venture into old age.

3). Sanders has built a campaign refusing to accept campaign funds from ultra wealthy “contributors” through Super-PAC’s and has still managed to raise an impressive 15.2 million dollars from the ever growing grassroots movement which has been growing daily in support of the self proclaimed Democratic Socialist from VT. Clinton who has graciously accepted campaign donations from billionaires through Democratic Super-PAC’s has managed to raise a whopping 67.8 million dollars which has definitely increased the volume of U.S. voters she will be able to reach throughout her Presidential Campaign.

4) Clinton reports a net-worth of 21.5 million dollars which is exactly $21.2 million dollars more than Bernie Sanders estimated net-worth of approximately $300,000.00. The gap between their net-worth as candidates ironically puts Mrs. Clinton into the very same financial bracket as the very people Sanders claims he will fight against when he literally waged war on “the millionaires and billionaires” who are destroying American politics as we know it.

5) Clinton and Sanders are almost polar opposites in terms of getting big money out of the American political process. While Clinton has built her political career by accepting campaign donations from Democratic super-PAC’s, her opponent Bernie Sanders has spent the entire 34 years of his political career fighting endlessly for the prospect of one day being able to eliminate this sensationalized form of political bribery from the face of American politics once and for all.

I’ve said it before and this most likely will not be the last time that I feel the need to voice my opinion about how whomever wins the Democratic party’s nomination for President in 2016 will also get my respective vote. I cannot find many reasons why a vote for either of these two front runners in the Democratic primaries would be a bad thing and while I may be in support of one a little more than the other, either candidate would ultimately make an excellent Leader of the Free World, in my humble opinion for whatever that is worth.

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Walt is a grumpy, crochety, ball busting, bitter old son of a bitch - who at the ripe old age of 64 has had enough with the manner in which the G.O.P. has been treating the only nation that he calls home. Walt is a native New Yorker, retired long-line fisherman and therefore a bit rough around the edges, he is completely pissed off with the state of the American political circus that has been created by the right-wing.Last year Walter finally decided (against his better judgement) to begin voicing his brash and uncensored opinions across the vast expanse of the internet. Walter claims that his reason for getting involved in political commentary so late in life is that he has finally realized the fact that if he doesn't voice his opinion, he has no right to complain. If this writing stuff pans out decently, Walter's next order of business is retiring someplace "tropical with plenty of nude beaches" (thanx Walter, now I need to bleach that image from my brain)opin , blech!

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