2003 Interview Shows More Of Trump’s Flip-Flops And Bad Predictions (VIDEO)

Recently, a clip from 2002 surfaced that had Donald Trump (audio only) stating his support for the war. In all fairness, it was a tepid brand of support, but it was supportive nonetheless. In fact, Trump states that he wished we had gone further the first time we invaded in the region, during the invasion of Kuwait, which thwarted Saddam Hussein from the country. Even Dick Cheney, the hawkiest of hawks didn’t think we should have gone further then.

From the video clip below:

HOWARD STERN: You are for invading Iraq?

TRUMP: Yeah, I guess so. ummm …ya know I wish it was — I wish the first time it was done correctly. 

So Trump went on the Today Show on NBC to respond to the revelation that he wasn’t so against the war as advertised. Trump tried to morph his previous statements and square the circle.

From the video clip below:

‘By the time the war started I was against it. Immediately after and for many years I was against it. I said it would destabilize the Middle East and Iran would take over.’

Well … not exactly.

Turns out, another 2003 interview has surfaced. This time it was from Hardball in 2003, during a ‘college tour’ Matthews was doing at the time. In that interview, Trump never even mentions destabilization or Iran. He is less supportive than his 2002 statement of support. He isn’t exactly against it. he does ‘question’ things but no where near the kind of things he is claiming he said today. Trump talks about the costs mostly. It’s all about dollars and cents to him. Nothing about Iran, nothing about destabilization.

Also in the interview, Trump is shown to be clueless on the upcoming housing bubble burst. Trump talks about things ‘being at the start’ of great things. The economy would go into recession and eventually a freefall in the years after Trump made his predictions about being at the start of some great things. Furthermore, Trump seems to be hedging towards Bush being defeated in 2004. Bush won that election by over 3,000,000 votes.


Check out the clip from MSNBC. You gotta love Matthews snarky line at the end;

So to sum up. trump totally flip-flopped on the Iraq war, despite is claims of ‘bold vision’ of being against it. When he did start to change his view, it was well after the war was underway. His reasoning had nothing to do with grand prophecies of ‘destabilization’ or Iran taking over. It had to do with how much money it would cost. Trump was being a businessman and looking at it from a business perspective, nothing more like he claims. Furthermore, on the biggest business issue of the day, Trump TOTALLY misses the mark. His veiled hints that Bush might lose the Whitehouse in 2004 weren’t exactly spot-on either.

Trump might be one of the all-time great salesmen. Of that, there is little doubt. He is a giant in that respect. He is no prophetic visionary when it comes to world affairs, however. That is totally as clear as well.


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