How Vladimir Putin Walked Away With The U.S. Presidential Election

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Stole The U.S. Presidential Election For Donald Trump, And The Government Did Nothing To Stop It

In an explosive new article in the New York Times, writers Eric Lipton, David E. Sanger and Scott Shane offer the most compelling, comprehensive evidence to date that, in fact, Vladimir Putin was behind the barrage of cyber attacks that led to the most stunning political upset in modern American history. And most shocking of all is the new information coming to light that U.S. officials, including the President himself, were made aware of the attacks last summer, told by our security services the Russian government was responsible and chose to do nothing in retaliation for Moscow’s malicious meddling in the 2016 Presidential election.

That’s right. Nothing, exactly nothing. Oh, there were meetings and briefings and reports. Even Congress knew about the hacks and attacks at the DNC and Clinton campaigns. The leadership of both the House and Senate, known as the Gang of 12, including majority leader Mitch McConnell, were briefed in a secret, closed-door meeting by F.B.I. Director, James Comey and Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson. Both men had been dispatched by the President to sell Congressional leaders on making a bipartisan statement to the American people that Vladimir Putin was behind the attacks and attempting to undermine the credibility of the electoral process itself.

Of course, McConnell and the Republicans thought that was a very bad idea. Too political, too near the election, too frightening for people to hear, and so on. After first rebuffing the White House’s request, another meeting was held where Congressional leaders were informed by the C.I.A. that not only was Russia responsible for the cyber attacks, but Vladimir Putin was trying to specifically sway the election in favor of Donald Trump.

Still, no sale. McConnell even questioned the veracity of the C.I.A.’s information because it didn’t exactly concur with the F.B.I.’s findings. How two completely different agencies conducting their own investigations are supposed to arrive at exactly the same conclusions is anybody’s guess, but when playing politics in an election year, it pays to err on the side of do-nothing caution.

And do-nothing is exactly what they did, the whole lot of them, including Obama. But to be completely fair to the President, when he ran into Vladimir Putin at the G-20 Summit, in a private meeting, in so many words, Obama told the Russian Meddler-In-Chief to “knock it off” or there would be consequences maybe, possibly of some unspecified nature, at some undetermined point in the future.

Then last week someone leaked the information to the Washington Post about the secret briefings and C.I.A.’s claims that Putin helped elect Trump. Heads exploded as McConnell and House Speaker, Paul Ryan demanded investigations into how such an outrageous thing could happen on American soil. It’s moments like those when John Boehner, the former Speaker, and his crocodile tears are missed most. The younger Ryan never seems to cry for any reason. But in the middle of the night a few days later, he and old Senator Mitch stayed up late and devised a plan to “limit the scope and nature” of the investigation into Vladimir Putin and his involvement in the presidential election.

Vladimir Putin

Not to be outdone, the White House ordered their own top-to-bottom, cross-agency review of the whole sordid affair. And the President wants it on his desk before he leaves office January 20th. Even if there’s not enough time for Obama to act decisively once he’s had a chance to study the reports, Americans can still take comfort in knowing that President-elect Trump will pick up right where his predecessor left off.

Because as everyone knows, the incoming administration is an expert in U.S. – Russian relations and great, really, really great at negotiations in tough situations. If need be, the new Secretary of State, ‘T’ Rex Tillerson can even tell Vladimir Putin he’s giving back his ‘Order of Friendship’ medal the Russian President bestowed on him. And if that doesn’t frighten him enough, ‘T’ Rex can always threaten to cancel the $500 billion oil deal between Exxon-Mobil and Russia he personally negotiated. That should be enough to put the fear of God in anyone who cares about fair and free elections.

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