Website For ’46th President,’ Mike Pence Is Hysterical

Would it surprise anybody if Mike Pence, who has already created a new super PAC for “re-election” (or possibly to pay for legal defense), created an official website, prematurely declaring himself the 46th President of the United States? It turns out there is such a site: — it isn’t created by Pence, though. It is a hilarious satire site.

The tongue-in-cheek slogan in bold lettering: “See you tomorrow, for tomorrow is now today.” With the Russia investigations looking worse and worse from Trump, this slogan is certainly fitting. This page is a welcome break for reality, and truly funny — of course it is, as it was made by Funny or Die.

There are quite a few hilarious surprises that someone not familiar with satire might mistake as the real thing too, and we all know many conservatives seem to have missed the gene that allows recognition of satire. In all honesty, so have many liberals. So when they spot the red headline prominently at the top of the site, “Are You A Homosexual? If Yes, Click Here,” they might actually think, “Good for you, heterosexual Pence.” It would also be highly entertaining for all of us to know how many of them fall into temptation and see where the link goes. Fortunately, the site keeps a count after it takes you to laugh-out-loud place. (See the picture below)

Picture from
Picture from

A look around the site reveals other shockingly humorous content, such as “This is a reminder to kill all your tiny dogs,” with a signup for email notifications on the subject. You also might not find it too surprising who Pence has picked for his running mate. We won’t spoil it for you…

You’ll laugh out loud at “Mike’s Story,” with the tale of how Pence went from “former Carter bitch” to serious political commentator on such subjects as the scandal of Disney’s Mulan. Then check out a thorough record of every single item Pence has eaten in “What I Ate,” but be prepared to spit out your food if you aren’t prepared for the details. Get more amusing facts, and then get an eyeful with an intimate journal to “Mother,” his preferred way to refer to his wife, Karen. Thanks, Funny or Die, for this great site!

In fact, the more you look, the funnier it gets, but we still wonder if some conservatives will still fail to see the point. Regardless, it does appear as we are fast approaching the scary reality of President Pence unless special counsel Mueller can confirm the Pence is not at all as innocent or Reagan-like as he would like America to think he is.

Check out the video below entitled, “What President Pence Believes In” below, and decide for yourself if the satire would be lost on the actual Trump/Pence supporters:

Now get the behind-the-scenes scoop from Funny Or Die. We almost died with this one:

Featured image: Screenshot from YouTube, Funny Or Die


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