Watch The Time Obama Humiliated Trump To His Face (VIDEO)

Although it might be hard to believe, there once was a time when Donald Trump was just attention-seeking troll. President Obama, being a little too black, has had his birth place put into question since he first ran for president in 2008. Trump is responsible for resurrecting the debunked birther conspiracy claims, using it as a springboard into running for president.

What began as a mere whisper campaign of deranged conspiracy theorists would eventually turn into a full-blown monster. Donald Trump, of course, is that very monster.

Trump reworked the theory that President Obama was born in Kenya, even putting out a yuge video with his foolish findings. President Obama, forever being both a good sport and the only president with comic sensibilities, got back at Trump by roasting him at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It was seriously one of the most epic performances ever given by President  Obama and he has many. Some have even argued that humorous smack down of the man with skin thinner than his hair is what caused him to run for president in 2016 in the first place. So maybe that’s the precise moment in time we need to send the DeLorean to. Supervillain and longtime partner in crime Roger Stone basically said as much.

‘I think that is the night that he resolves to run for president,’ said Stone in a documentary. ‘I think that he is kind of motivated by it. ‘Maybe I’ll just run. Maybe I’ll show them all,” Stone continued, outlining Trump’s thinking.

Well, now that we’re all facing mass extinction as we wait for Robert Mueller to hopefully nail Trump for his crimes, why not take a pleasant trip down memory lane when Obama was President and Trump was just a washed up Reality TV host:

Featured image via YouTube

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