Twitter Trump Supporters Complain About Obama Doing Nothing During Hurricane Katrina

obama katrina

As any reasonably knowledgeable person knows, the devastating hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 while George W. Bush was president. The outrage over the then administration’s handling of the disaster was widely covered by both national and international media.

However, reacting to the news that Trump would fly to Texas and address Hurricane Harvey, bots on Twitter began to post about how Obama did absolutely nothing during Katrina. In fact, he was playing golf.

It didn’t take long for Trump supporters to chime in:

Now, a little reminder, once again: Obama was not the president at that point in time. A Democrat was not the president:

However, it appears that there are too many people who don’t know this:

And, they followed along, anything that seems bad about Obama must be true:

Then the deletions began, as people started to realize that laughter was directed at them, not with them:

But, the internet doesn’t let you forget that easily!:

Even if then senator Obama was playing golf during Hurricane Katrina, it isn’t all that outrageous. It’s pretty certain that a senator from Illinois wouldn’t really have been welcome in New Orleans back then, either.

This isn’t the first time Trump supporters show their ignorance, and we have real reason to believe that these posts were not all by fake “bot” accounts, as shown in this Daily Show clip:

Wait! Maybe Obama is secretly Kim Jong Un? That would be something!

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