Tucker Carlson’s Trademark Befuddled Look Gets The Parody It So Deserves

Tucker Carlson looking befuddled with a woman eating mayonnaise

If you have paid any attention to Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, a conservative political commentator for Fox News, you’ll no doubt have seen his face make a perplexed expression, as if he’s utterly befuddled. He does it so often that it seems to have finally become his trademark, as he listens to his guests and prepares for his next incredulous ambush /soundbite.

Tucker face:

AM to DM, a morning show from BuzzFeed News, found the perfect way to showcase Carlson’s own version of what might be akin to the Zoolander “Blue Steele” look. Maybe we’ll call it the “Mayo-Malaise™?”

The video shows Tucker responding to various guests, but has replaced them with people eating mayonnaise straight out of the jar. From a “Black Lives Matter” advocate to the simpering Representative Devin Nunes, Carlson shows off his best Mayo-Malaise™ look.

PROOF: Tucker Carlson looks at all his guests like they’re eating mayonnaise straight out the jar.

See the video below: (Click on the link to open the video on Twitter)

Even without the ever-present trademark look, Carlson has been subject to plenty of criticism lately, in particular for defending hate groups following the Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has been accused of supporting white supremacists. Army veteran Charles Clymer recently declined an invitation to appear on his show, saying, “I do not trust Tucker Carlson. His commentary is consistently (and intentionally) inaccurate and egregious, and his response to the rise of white supremacism in this country over the past six months has been godawful and disgusting. I do not wish to share a space with someone who shamelessly winks at vicious racists.”

Carlson’s method of operation has been known for a long time. The Washington Post noted:

“[…]it’s clear that blindsiding his guests and keeping them from issuing fully formed answers is the official MO” [for Carlson], writes Erik Wemple, who called Carlson “stupendously dishonest” in the title of an opinion piece.

Carlson’s incredulous facial expression seems an intrinsic part of the ambush strategy.

Carlson’s face made even more exaggerated looks of disdain when he attempted to disprove climate change in conversation with Bill Nye the Science Guy. Carlson attempted to prove that the mild-mannered Nye was akin to a fascist intent on jailing climate-change deniers and went on to try to school Nye on the “essence of science.” All of this while giving his hammed-up skeptic look. Bill Nye might as well have taken out a big ole’ jar of mayo and a spoon at that point and called it a day because there was clearly no way to have a rational conversation.

Then we might consider Carlson’s views on women:

“What do women want,” Elle magazine asked Tucker in 2004:

“They want to be listened to, protected and amused. And they want to be spanked vigorously every one in a while,” replied Carlson.

If you could be a woman, Tucker, what woman would you be?

Carlson’s answer:

“[Elizabeth Birch] formerly of the Human Rights Campaign because you’d be presiding over an organization of thousands of lesbians, some of them quite good-looking.”

Today, Carlson is making news for saying Hillary Clinton was “factually insane” for her statement that Trump’s inauguration speech was “a cry from the White Nationalist gut.” It’s no surprise that Tucker would find it perplexing that White Nationalism might be a theme exploited by Trump, given his past views on racism. He recently took on a Black Lives Matter supporter, saying “Now you’re getting so dumb …I’m trying to take you seriously, but I can’t.” He managed to be misogynist and racist in one fell swoop.

The BLM supporter was Jasmine Rand, a former lawyer for the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. She tried to explain white privilege to Tucker in vain, who maintained his trademark Mayo-Malaise™ throughout much of the interview.

We are all on to the game now, Tucker. Find a new look, because this one is officially worn out and stale.

Featured image via creenshot via Twitter

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