Trump’s Mom Debuts On Twitter, Triggering More Hair-Raising Questions

Donald Trump’s Mom has suddenly taken a small spotlight on the interwebs, for obvious reasons.  The Donald’s trademark hair suddenly all makes sense when you consider his literal roots. But Mary Trump’s sudden appearance appears to have raised more than just curiosity about unusual orange hair coifs.

Some would say that making fun of Trump’s mom in this way is in poor taste, comparing it to Donald’s mockery of people like the disabled reporter, Serge Kovaleski. Some of the posts on Twitter could certainly have questionable intent, but for the purposes of this article, we will say that Mary MacLeod Trump must have surely been a lovely woman from the windswept Scottish Isle of Lewis who, at one glance, tells us so much about Trump’s origins, with that dramatic swirl of orange hair.

Her Twitter debut has also raised questions about just where the Donald came from, and his staunch positions about immigration. The official story told by most of the media (and not discounted by Trump himself) is painted with romantic swashes. His mother met his father while on holiday in New York. The couple got married in 1936, and settled in to a rich NY neighborhood, having five successful children. It’s an Idyllic picture…

But it’s also a picture in dispute as to its credibility. Trump shares broad sweeps, not only in hair style, but also in his judgments about Mexican and Muslim immigrants, which has not made those in his mother’s homeland of Scotland proud to say the least. Robert Gordon University, in Aberdeen stripped Trump of his honorary degree, calling his campaign statements, “wholly incompatible with the ethos and values of the university.” Trump recently traveled to Aberdeen for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Trump International Gold Links, which he likes to refer to as the “world greatest golf course,” but that, too, is in real dispute to those in surrounding Scotland. Trump claims that he chose this location due to his mother:

I had been actively looking for links land in Europe for the past few years, and of course my preference was Scotland over any other country because I am half Scottish. My Mother, Mary MacLeod was from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. She grew up in a simple croft until she landed in Manhattan at the age of 20 and her first language was Gaelic.

Stornoway is over 211 miles away from Aberdeen, and the folks in Aberdeen seem to have had a very skeptical reaction to Donald Trump. Trump told a different story to a Scottish newspaper in an op-ed titled presumptuously, “How Scotland will help me become president.” He stated:

“When I first arrived on the scene in Aberdeen, the people of Scotland were testing me to see just how serious I was – just like the citizens in the United States have done about my race for the White House…. I had to win them over – I had to convince them that I meant business and that I had their best interests in mind. Well, Scotland has already been won – and so will the United States.”

As it turns out,The Washington Post revealed that Trump’s endeavor in Aberdeen was a disaster:

Trump has battled with homeowners, elbowed his way through the planning process, shattered relationships with elected leaders and sued the Scottish government. On top of that, he has yet to fulfill the lofty promises he made.

Trump has also reported to Scottish authorities that he lost millions of dollars on the project — even as he claims on U.S. presidential disclosure forms that the course has been highly profitable.

The Scotts protested Trump’s arrival by planting Mexican flags, and with a Mexican inspired Mariachi band playing Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” Trump’s comments on Brexit were also mocked, when he claimed that the Scotts had voted to exit the European Union, when in fact they had voted against it. He called Brexit “a great thing,” further alienating him from many Scottish people.

Even Hillary Clinton weighed in on the fiasco on Twitter, with a very telling video:

Trump may want to claim pride over his Scottish roots, but his bigotry has not endeared the Scotts to Trump. Then there is the “full untold story” of Mary Trump from The National, a Scottish news source. The expose shows compelling evidence that Trump’s version of his mother’s past was just a pretty picture. The National tells the story of a “dirt-poor servant escaping the even worse poverty of her native land.” They claim Mary left for New York as a result of scandal: a sister who gave birth out of wedlock in 1920. She was not on holiday, but looking for work as a maid.

The “holiday” account has always been met with considerable skepticism in Mary Anne Trump’s home area of Tong near Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, where her departure at the age of 17 has long been held to be simple emigration.

A 1940 census return claimed Mary a naturalized citizen but other records openly available proved she was not a citizen until 2 years later. This piece of evidence was a passenger list for the SS Transylvania, that transported Mary Anne Macleod to her new life in the USA. There is extensive information provided in the article, exposing the undocumented status of Mary, and her sister’s illegitimate child named Annie, born in Lanarkshire on December 5, 1920.

This evidence should certainly NOT shame Mary Anne Macleod. She was simply emigrating to have a better life. Nor should this imply that her sister’s baby is shameful in any way, though conservatives in Scotland at the time would likely have seen it as shameful.

However, Donald himself has raised many questions about our current President Obama, with his “birther” arguments. He has demanded the birth certificate for our President, making wild accusations that he has lied, or that he is Muslim. He has scrutinized Obama for political gain. More recently, he has attacked millions of immigrants, questioning all of their collective characters with his comments on Mexicans and Muslims. Yet here in the background is the story of his own mother, and how she was, at first, quite possibly an undocumented person living in America to find a better life.

The shame is not on Mary Anne Macleod, but on her son, for his positions on immigration. Donald Trump is using xenophobia, racism, and bigotry to garner votes from people in the Republican base, while likely covering up the true nature of his own family’s humble beginnings.

His current stance would leave him no choice but to deport his own mother, in which case, at least, we would never have been subjected to a Donald Trump candidacy.

Featured image: Screenshot from YouTube, combined with a Wikipedia Donald

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