#TrumpFace: Trump’s Thanksgiving Speech To Start This Movement! (VIDEO)

Let's Start A Movement

In Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving Speech he called for unity and asked viewers “to join me in this effort.” He then added that “it’s time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens, because when America is unified there is nothing beyond our reach.” It’s weird, though. Look at his facial expression throughout the video. It doesn’t just look like he’s reading. The words look painful to say. They were also painful to hear.

Remember how those bonds of trust got shattered? Oh, yeah! It was a deliberate effort by the Donald Trump campaign. He raised the anxiety and fears of the “silent majority” and turned them into anger – a classic political strategy dating back centuries, but highly reminiscent of 1930’s Germany.

Trump has feelings, though. He’s always complaining about “how rude” this or that is, and that certain comments are “very mean.”  Last week he berated the head of NBC News for using unflattering pictures of himself, especially when he is showing a double chin.

I’m in agreement with the Dead State author who titled his article, “Trump doesn’t want these unflattering pictures of himself shared, so you know what to do.” However, I am proposing that we take it a step further. We should “stand behind” our president-elect. We can do this by taking our own ugly selfies and sharing them with #TrumpFace, @RealDonaldTrump.

Remember all the “duck face” photos on Social Media? Japan had a similar thing with “sparrow eyes.” This movement will be like that. The difference is that this one makes a political statement: that you won’t support a man who not only makes ugly faces but has “won” his position through ugly spirited ideas.

Let’s remember who we’re talking about. This is the same man who made fun of women, disabled people, veterans, Muslims – the list goes on. This is the same man who spread so many lies and hashtags about Hillary Clinton that the woman should get a Purple Heart for the abuse. (Trump got one for no other reason than that he wanted one.) He even enlisted the help of professional slacktivist Trolls like Mike Cernovich to bash liberals and their candidates.

So here’s what you do. Squint your eyes. Pull your chin back towards your neck. Now, make the duckface with your lips but then open your mouth so your teeth are showing. Or, you could just make a face like your straining to have a bowel movement. Snap! Take that selfie and share it! Be proud of the fact that your standing behind our president. Reassure him on Twitter that he shouldn’t worry, we all make ugly faces – sometimes.

Here are some examples so you can practice. Have fun!

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