Trump’s Lack Of Grace Brought The Will To Bring Back A Prime Time Favorite This Fall (Video)

Megan Mullally from Will & Grace

There’s no question about it: Trump has made comedy relief great again. In a time when most Americans are stressed out about the future of the country under Trump, comedians like Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy have provided an outlet for all that tension, managing to make us laugh during trying times. Today we have some great news about more familiar comedians returning to prime time, and we actually have Trump to thank for it.

You may remember seeing these comedy icons make a comeback in late September of last year, right before the presidential election. The cast of Will & Grace reunited for the first time ever to take on the election, and the YouTube video went viral, with over 7 million views to date.

Last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Debra Messing chatted about the triumphant return of Will & Grace after an 11-year hiatus. ¬†Since relaunching a sitcom after such a long break has never happened before, aside from brief reunion episodes, the cast didn’t know if it was even plausible. Turns out they had a great time together making the election skit, and it became so overwhelmingly successful that it convinced them and NBC that the show should come back.

Seth Meyers asked Messing: “And so, is it safe to say the election had something to do with this show being back?”

Messing: “Absolutely, it did! I mean, our show would not be coming back at all had we not come together to do that little skit. It was only by doing that skit that we realized that it was possible.”

We know Will & Grace will have plenty to say about the current political climate, and what they do is sure to get people talking. Satire, done well, can affect reality: In the case of McCarthy’s impersonation of Sean Spicer, it could even contribute to his removal from his White House Press Secretary position since Trump didn’t like how it made him look, in addition to news of Spicer having to literally hide in the bushes to avoid reporters. We’re betting Will & Grace’s commentary will be hard for Trump to forget too.

Watch Debra Messing appear with Seth Meyers below:

Check out the Will & Grace promo below. They really are coming back in the fall! “Everything’s as if we never said goodbye.”

Featured image via YouTube screenshot, Megan Mullally 


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