Amazon’s Top Ten Side-Splitting Trump Gag Gifts Will Have You In Tears

It sure was a bumpy 2016. We lost many great celebrities, we had to sit through over a year of grueling presidential campaigning, and at the end of it all, the nation was shafted by the minority of voters that elected Trump to the White House. If we didn’t laugh we would cry. Thankfully, merchants on Amazon have us covered with some hilarious gag gifts.

Send them to your least favorite relatives as soon as Christmas is over and you don’t have to see them for another year.

Amazon Is Making Gag Gifts Great Again

10) Think Donald Trump is full of crap? Feel free to fill him up with it when you take your dog on a walk. The Dumps For Trump doggie waste bags even come with a dispenser for the convenience of shoveling Trump full of steamy nuggets without having to fiddle with the whole roll.


9) This is probably something we are all going to be doing a bit more of. With a little word change, Trump may actually find himself keeping a campaign promise with this Make America Drink Again beer koozie. Sure to keep your suds cold as you watch the nation spiral into another Republican-led recession.

8) Number 8 on our top ten list has Trump’s lips puckered up to give a smooch to every liberal’s ass. Trump Toilet paper will give you a clean feeling after you smudge his smug face with his natural skin-tone.


7) Trump University certainly made headlines this year. Oddly enough the working class people that voted for Trump seemed not to mind that he had defrauded others for over 150 million dollars with his sham of a University. For them, we have just the thing: A “B.S” from Trump University itself. Although the “B.S” in this case stands for “Been Suckered”. Perfect for all the die-hard Trump supporters that you know.


6) One of our favorites coming in at number 6 is the lady that should have won the presidency with nearly a 3 million vote lead over Trump. Hillary Clinton has a message for The Donald we can all relate to with this awesome bobblehead.


5) Half-way through we find ourselves rounding the bend with exactly what we will be seeing Trump do for the next 4 years. This Donald Trump Caganer is the physical manifestation of Trump’s policies. The piece of paper he is doing his business on? Why the Constitution of course.


4) Trump certainly made a habit of calling others losers this election cycle. Even John McCain who is a decorated war hero and was held as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Coming in at number 4 is the children’s book featured on Jimmy Kimmel: Winners Aren’t Losers.


3) Looking for a gag gift for an upcoming birthday? Amazon has you covered there. This tasteless combover had us chuckling pretty heartily as it comes in a little short of the top spot in this countdown. Meet The Donald Jr.


2) Coming in as our runner-up is a fantastic pen-holder that has Trump shoving it where the sun don’t shine.

Amazon Pen Holder

1)  And lastly, as we wind down to our number one Trump gag gift, we are reminded of the famous “locker room talk” tape where Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women. These bumper stickers hit the nail on the head with how Lady Liberty is going to be treated as Trump wages his war on immigration.


There were many other gag gifts that were in consideration but none quite as funny as the finalists you see today. We certainly hope you had as much of a chuckle as we did.



(All images via Amazon)

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