Trump And The Art Of The “Bait And Switch” (Video)

Bill Maher began his New Rules segment this week by congratulating a Trump supporter saying “America needs more people like this guy.” The man he was giving kudos to was holding a sign saying “I’ve Made A Huge Mistake.” That man, along with many other Trump voters are waking up to the realization that they have been totally conned. Maher would compare 45 to a used car salesman, but at least in that hustle, you at least end up with a car. With Trump, you just “get taken for a ride.’

Maher went through. some of the lies Trump has told his supporters. He started with health care. Trump promised “great health care for a fraction of the price.” Something that is impossible. As Maher put it, it was never about “repeal and replace” but just another “bait and switch.” The bill itself was just a maneuver to kick up to 24 million people off their health insurance. What a novel idea? Kick people off their insurance and save money!

He moved on to his promise about Mexico paying for his proposed border wall. Turns out, they aren’t. His job promises — “good jobs vs the bad jobs” we have now. Yeah,,,ok. His unrealistic boasts about defeating ISIS and how fast it would happen — something else that hasn’t come to fruition. Maher likened Trump’s speeches to cheap, late-night infomercials. He would add taglines like “if you act now” and offering to “throw in a second wall for free” (just pay separate shipping and handling).

Maher proclaimed that he was done calling Trump voters “stupid” and the like. He pointed out they are hardly the first group of people to be fooled. He also said that liking Trump on an entertainment level was perfectly fine, but just admit the guy is a conman. The evidence is pretty clear at this point, though, as he pointed out, there is no reason to “cry over spilled snake-oil.”

Check out Maher’s snarky olive branch to voters who got the bait and switch from Trump below;


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