This Hilarious Ted Cruz ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Will Make Your Whole Week (Video)

Ted Cruz bad lip reading twitter hilarious
Not sure what is creepier...

Ted Cruz was back in the headlines for stellar hypocrisy on Tuesday, something for which he blamed a staffer, of course. However, seeing Ted Cruz in your news feed can always be a little… disturbing. Heck, a neurologist actually tried to pinpoint why his face is so disturbing to so many people. Bad Lip Reading found a way to make it work last year, though, and the video is one that will have you chuckling for days to come.

Even as disturbing as his face is, the deeply hypocritical messages coming from him, in his obnoxious twang, are even worse. He has been filmed trying to kiss his daughter as she squirmed, micromanaging a campaign video, and now has had his twitter account liking p-o-r-n in the wee hours of the morning. In the past, he has even tried to outlaw adult toys, and once stated there is no legal precedent allowing adults to “self-appreciate” (if you get the drift).

Back to those awful, contrived, campaign ads that Ted Cruz put out in 2016: they were bad. Ok, that is a little simple, but suffice it to say Ted Cruz figured out how to alienate about everyone with the creep-factor. Cruz is hard to look at, so watching them try to cookie-cutter his wife and kids into the “perfect” family while the country collectively shuddered just wasn’t a great campaign move. Bad Lip Reading, to the rescue.

“I need a boggle for the glotch!”

Nonsense from Cruz isn’t new, but somehow, Bad Lip Reading made it well worth your time. Especially during the conversation where Cruz “admits” to knowing his wife’s ex is the father of his children, or where his wife begs not to be made to kiss him. Honestly, the parody video may be the best thing that Ted Cruz has ever had an effect on in this country. As a long-term lawmaker, that is a horribly sad statement.

Enjoy the video, here, courtesy of Bad Lip Reading:

Featured image via screen capture

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