Takei’s Twitter Poll Shatters Trump’s Assumption He Would Beat Obama

george takei obama would beat trump
George Takei's twitter poll takes on Trump's assumption he would beat Obama.

Donald Trump recently said that he thinks he would beat Obama if they could run against each other. We know he knows that isn’t true because he could have run against him in 2012. Bullies and cowards all say they are they best, they avoid fights they think they can’t win. Then they claim they would have won if they had fought.  Trump is trying to say, now, that he would win if he ran because that can’t ever happen.

Challenge Accepted. George Takei, a social media giant, decided to let Trump see exactly how badly he would lose in a race against Obama. Ok, not exactly, it’s an internet poll, but Trump cited them as proof he won during debates. So he can’t bitch about us laughing at him over the results of this one. Of course, him and his supporters will, but that is a sign of a bully: they can dish it but can’t take it.

His poll, overwhelmingly, sinks the thin-skinned PEOTUS:

Twitter Poll Trump loses to Obama
Screen capture from George Takei’s twitter poll.

Yeah, it is partisan, it is unfair, and it isn’t scientific. It is hilarious, it is exactly how most liberals, independents and logical conservatives feel. ANYONE but Trump, and President Obama has done great things over the last 8 years. Things that Trump recently tried to take credit for, himself. 

Trump Takes Credit For Obama’s Economy, Hope And Market Growth

The feelings here are really clear, his fans are pissed that this is an unfair liberal poll… because apparently, they think that we believe it to be accurate. That is truly amusing because we don’t, that little peccadillo is one of theirs. It is hilarious that many Trumpers supported Trump using internet polls, but don’t realize we are laughing at them with this one. We actually know better, it is just far too fun to watch them lose their minds because their boy is getting a little flack.

But we know, they will somehow find a way to call this poll a win…

And of course, they will claim that it is just the “coastal elites” with all their equality and desired to be educated well:

We need a little levity, it is the only way we will survive the next few years. George Takei is a national treasure, perhaps we should be moving him to a secure facility since 2016 is not to be trusted.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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