Stephen Colbert And “Stephen Colbert” Give A Hilariously Perfect Farewell To Bill O’Reilly (Video)

Yesterday, the big story everywhere was long-time Fox News host Bill O’Reilly being fired. After paying out over 13 million in harassment claims filed by women who claimed O’Reilly made unwanted and repeated advances, Fox decided that their advertisers and stockholders were losing or would lose too much money. Yes, you read that correctly. O’Reilly wasn’t let go because of the actual harassment, but because of revelations of the amounts Fox had paid out on his behalf irked stockholders. Advertisers were also feeling the pain as women asserted their buying power against companies that chose to continue to advertise with O’Reilly.

Most people were either upset with Fox for firing him or downright giddy with glee that the powerful Fox host had been defrocked.

That’s most people … Stephen Colbert is not “most people.”

Of course, he is two people. He is Stephen Colbert, CBS late night host. He is also “Stephen Colbert” — a right wing egomaniac that led his “Colbert Nation” for nine years on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.” It was only proper that “both men” gave Bill a sendoff.

Stephen the CBS late night host refused to publically gloat on camera. So, of course, he asked for the camera to be taken off him so he could do some gloating. Colbert then went on to make several great quips and a comparison to an old oak tree that is now just gone to describe the shock of the situation. An oak tree that your grandfather would just sit there and stare at. An oak tree that would try to sell him cold coins and self-lubricating catheters.

Colbert then explained his Comedy Central version of himself was largely based on O’Reilly. They then cut to “Stephen Colbert” out in front of his remote mountain cabin that he shares with Jon Stewart. “Colbert” of course, was not at all happy with the firing, blaming it on the OBamaTrump America that we live in now. He invited O’Reilly to join them at the cabin where they could milk goats among other things.

Of course, there are plenty more jokes that we don’t want to spoil. Check out the full clip of Colbert and “Colbert” saying farewell to O’Reilly below:

Whichever “Colbert” you can relate to best, one of the Stephens probably summed up your feelings on O’Reilly’s firing pretty well. Something quite rare in today’s polarized America.

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