Trump Has Turned Spicer Into A Meme, And The US Into A Joke (VIDEO)

#SpicerFacts have made Sean Spicer nothing more than a meme

America has become the butt of the joke. Well, to be fair, the butt of the joke is Trump himself, but he is dragging us down with him. The good news: we get to laugh at him, too, while we mobilize to fight him every step of the way.

Trump’s decision to put his Press Secretary Sean Spicer in front of the entire world with a card of made up numbers for the inauguration and lies bigger than the man’s ill-fitting suit jacket, magically turned Spicer into nothing more than the latest hot meme.

#SpicerFacts isn’t even the only biggest joke going right now on the web, #AlternativeFacts from Trump’s gal Friday, Kellyanne Conway is too.

Dan Rather’s Powerful Reply To Trump Propagandist’s ‘Alternative Facts’

Oh, and Trump’s inaugural, “America First,” F.U.-we-got-ours-style speech itself. Not to mention his easily imitated childish and embellished style of speech, which has been targeted by humorists around the globe.

Keith Olbermann: ‘So, You Still Support Trump — This Message Is For You’ (Video)

In the wake of Trump’s inaugural propaganda party, the memes are rolling, and the jokes flowing.

Which is a good thing, we need the laughter to stay sane in this high-stress time. It also shows, that despite Trump believing that the rain that fell on his inauguration didn’t touch him, and that he had millions at his inauguration, the world — shy a small percentage of Americans — has got his number.

From international videos that will have you laughing out loud to memes that make you snort and click share, the only real upside to the game of Russian-Roulette this Administration seems to be playing with reality is the humor.

From German late night TV, kind of like our Daily Show:

California Rep. Ted Lieu got a good one in:

Translated to English, this tweet reads: “Bought a so-called 100cm high monstera from @MesterGronn, I think they have started with #alternativefacts”

From the Neatherlands, VPRO Zondag Met Lubach:

Trump didn’t seem to learn anything from the Women’s March, nor from the solidarity shown to it around the world. We don’t much care, because, as America Ferrera said in her moving speech:

“[T]he President is not America. His cabinet is not America. Congress is not America.

We are America.”

Call your Representatives, today, and every day, ask them what they are going to do to combat the lies coming from our White House. Tell them to stand up for America, to stand up for the truth:

Congressional Switchboard (202) 224-3121

Featured image via ImageFlip Meme Generator

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