SNL Unleashes Hilarious Assault On The Patriotism Of Congressional Republicans (VIDEO)

SNL Republican

Saturday Night Live has been on a roll lately and their main target has been President Trump and his band of inept comrades. Now, the cast has set their target a little broader and decided to take on Congressional Republicans with a faux movie trailer challenging their patriotism.

The SNL “Republican Movie Trailer” starts with the ever-familiar sound of the cinematic voice-over…

“It was a country in chaos…A nation divided…Run by a president with unchecked power…Until one Republican decided enough was enough…A patriot who put country over party…Who finally stood up for his nation’s founding values. A man by the name of…TBD.” [To Be Determined]

In what has to be one of the most brilliantly conceived and humorous pokes at Congress, SNL pleas for “just one Republican” to step up and consider what’s right for the country instead of what’s right for their position of power at the moment.

“He didn’t care about the election. He cared about what was right.

A conservative who became the voice of a generation. With a powerful message.
And a rallying cry that spoke to all people.”

It feels like more and more people are wondering who will be that voice, that one Republican, who will change our minds about Republican Congressmen/women being all about themselves and not about others.

There seems to be no answer yet.

But perhaps one of the “Republican Movie Trailer” critiques at least gives us a definite answer about who it won’t be–

And Rolling Stone says, “…it’s definitely not about Paul Ryan.”

On that, I think all Republicans and Democrats can completely agree.

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Dawn Emerson is a mother of two and happily married to the funniest guy she knows. When not raging against the Republican machine, she creates graphic artwork for several websites.

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