NRA Now Stands For National Retroactive Abortion

Due to the mass shootings in the United States, the National Rifle Association is changing its name to the more accurate National Retroactive Abortion.

Let’s face it: most civilized countries use birth control pills and early-term abortions to keep a lid on population growth.

But the American way – abortion by bullet – has its attributes.

The beauty of guns is that if you can’t nail the fetus on the first try while it is still incubating in momma, you get another chance while the child is outside the womb, as in the Sandy Hook school culling that claimed 20 kids and six adults. It’s called retroactive abortion.

Schools and movie theaters seem to be the preferred location for retroactive abortion by what might be called the AA’s – Adult Abortionists. Adult, in this case, refers to anyone who can hold and fire a gun, which in the U.S. is just about everybody.

One thing you can say with certainty. Among average American psychos – and there is no shortage of them – there is no prejudice involved as to age, religion or race. Everyone is an equal target, although the shooters tend to be white, albino bunnies gone mad.

This is unlike American police, where white officers prefer to retroactively abort unarmed black men for a variety of reasons – traffic violations, stealing a handful of cigarillos or sassin’ the white dude.

When blacks under the age of 35 communicate with other brothers, they call it rapping. When white cops communicate with young black men, it is called Glock Talk.

When blacks under the age of 25 who live in cities like Chicago used bullets, they generally practice restraint – they only shoot other blacks. This conduct, if not condoned, is at least tolerated.

How else to explain that in the Windy City in 2012 there were 433 murder victims, according to statistics from Chicago Police.

Of those, 361 were shot. A shooter’s paradise. And of the 433, about 75 percent were black, 19 percent Hispanic and less than 5 percent white. Conclusion: It pays to be Caucasian in Chicago.

The Hispanic shootings have been used by fear-mongers like Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose theory is that most Mexs are bad folks and the Americans need a fence across the border.

But it’s confusing – is the border barrier to keep Mexican laborers out of the United States or to prevent American killers from getting into Mexico? But then, Trump appears confused, too – he is a talking NFL concussion with an outrageous helmet of hair.

Remember how you used to make mountains out of plaster of paris for your elementary school geography project?

In Chicago, instead of mountains, it would not be hard to imagine that the kids make grave mounds and paint them black. It’s highly symbolic of the pride in their community, or something.

But you must remember the National Retroactive Abortion license code. White people can only be killed by other whites and police. Blacks can be bagged by anyone.

Jesus wept.

Photo credit: Fair Use


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