Donald Trump Ordered Reince Priebus To Kill A Fly And Here Are The 10 Funniest FlyGate Tweets

Flygate: Priebus with Trump as Nero, with fly.

To cap off an insane week, news about Reince Priebus gives us the view of the fly on the wall in the Oval Office. Priebus was ordered to rush to the Oval Office to kill a fly pestering ̶E̶m̶p̶e̶r̶o̶r̶ president Trump. This after his questionable resignation/firing, making him the shortest-serving White House chief of staff in American history.

The New York Post reports: “The chief of staff was also head of the SWAT team.”

It’s kind of funny that Trump, obsessed lately with stopping the leaks constantly coming from the White House, would now be cast in this light about a literal fly on the wall.

Trump became upset by the proverbial and literal fly on the wall when it began buzzing around him during a meeting in the Oval Office. Certainly, we can imagine that if this news were about Obama rather than Trump, Republicans would be jumping all over themselves to point out the how unpresidential, unmanly, and probably even un-American this picture paints our fearless leader. They would delight in trying to emasculate and eviscerate any male Democratic president acting this way, but since it’s Trump, what do you suppose they’ll say about it?

Nevertheless, as one might expect, “Flygate” has taken flight on Twitter. At a time when our country faces serious news of an impending Constitutional crisis, it comes as a humorous, if momentary reprieve from the chaos. It seems ironically fitting that Trump’s fetid swamp might attract flies. It might be the first of many Revenge of Priebus moments to come, considering his abrupt firing (or resignation?) following the appointment of Trump’s Mini Me, Anthony Scaramucci to lead the inquisition into White House leakers.

It’s also in question if Priebus actually resigned, considering he was flying on Air Force One yesterday and there has been news that Priebus was “kicked to the curb” following the flight, and that he was “demeaned and humiliated by colleagues.” Scaramucci called him a “paranoid schizophrenic.”

Top 10 most hilarious Flygate-related tweets:

1. Daniel Dale from the Toronto Star:

If Priebus resigned yesterday, why did he fly on Air Force One today?

2. From MSNBC’s Joy Reid:

“So messed up … Trump once ordered Priebus to rush to Oval Office to kill a fly: report | @nypost”

3. From White House reporter for The Washington Post, Ashley Parker:

“???At one point, Trump tasked Priebus with killing a fly in the Oval Office. ???”

4. From Twitter user, “Alexander Hamilton”:

Glad nuclear codes still in (tiny) hands of callow boy who is such a coward that he literally can’t kill a fly by himself. #Priebus #flygate

5. From “The GM-No! Guy”:

So…no flies ever land on @POTUS?!? This is a CONSPIRACY! We need a special prosecutor for…#FLYGATE.

6. Some humorous suggestions from “Jake Vig”:

Yet more things president made Reince Priebus do in addition to killing fly:

– human ottoman
– watch Big Bang Theory
– wear Ivanka’s shoes

More things president made Reince Priebus do in addition to killing fly:

– call him “Obama”
– organize VHS porn collection
– gain weight

7. From scientist, author, and professor, SM Kennison:

Will Priebus add the new skill from last job on his updated resume? Priebus is my name & fly-killing is my game. #lordoftheflies

8.  From Twitter user Sarah Bahr:

9. From a West Wing fan:

10. And finally a dark humor take from “Evil Tracey”:

I hope that Priebus “accidentally” smacked Trump with the fly swatter. Over and over and over again.

Featured image: Nero at Baiae from Wikimedia Commons with Trump and Priebus, Gage Skidmore (CC BY 2.0)





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