Samantha Bee’s Reality Check: The GOP Sucks But Democrats Are ‘Kicking The Ball Toward The Wrong Goal’ (VIDEO)

Samantha Bee returned on Monday night to host her TBS show, Full Frontal. This week, Bee’s main commentary wasn’t just a GOP slam. Yes, she started out talking about what has happened in the North Carolina state legislature. Last week, the GOP-dominated state House and Senate passed a series of bills that stripped some powers from incoming Democratic Governor, Jim Cooper. Of course, Bee went after that hard — as she should have.

Bee pointed out that the legislature could only do what it did due to two factors. First, they did it because they have a ‘super majority’ meaning even if the Governor vetoes the bill, they can override that veto with only GOP votes. Second, Bee pointed out that despite unconstitutional gerrymandering and changing things in elections that tend to disenfranchise non-GOP voters, the GOP is shameless and do these things whenever given an opportunity. She alluded that what we see in North Carolina could be a preview of the Trump administration and their majorities in both chambers of Congress.

She then, however,  pointed out that in state houses, even when dominated by Democrats, often see such shenanigans.  Bee went through some North Carolina history and showed when they had a new GOP Governor and Democratic Lieutenant  Governor, accompanied by a Democratically dominated legislature, they did many similar things. they transferred several powers to the Lt. Governor from the Governor when it was their turn to ‘respect the will of the voters.’

The TBS host also brought up the efforts of Democrats to try to overturn the ‘will fo the people’ after the Presidential election via trying to get the electoral college to ignore the votes and not confirm trump’s election. To that, she commented;

‘O.K. — Go team. Good energy. You are kicking the ball toward the wrong goal but hey, you showed hustle! Also, the game was over in November.’

All this eventually boiled down to something that thinking progressives realize — that Democrats have been overly obsessed with the Presidency. While that has gone on, they have been decimated at every other level of government. Especially on the state and local level. Those levels, according to Bee is what really matters. After all, it is in the states where bills like ‘HB2’ (the infamous bathroom bill) get passed. It is at the state and local level where many of the things like civil rights legislation actually happen. These are the things that tend to affect people’s daily lives much more than the day to day goings on in Washington.

Bee’s commentary wasn’t so much a ‘rip’ on Democrats but rather a call to action. The action needed are for Democrats to pay attention to local news, get involved in local politics and build the kind of communities they want to live in vs just trying to seize the brass ring of the Presidency at the expense of everything else.

Before wrapping up, Samantha pointed out the silver lining’ in all of the ‘special session’ chaos. Namely, that HB2 would be repealed when Democratic Governor Jim Cooper takes office in January. That is a direct result of people standing up against regressive Republican laws and getting out to vote locally.

We definitely need more of that.

Check out Samantha Bee’s fiery commentary below and let us know your ideas about how people can get involved locally in the comments section;


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