Samantha Bee Seriously Stings Trump And The Alt-Right (VIDEO)

Samantha Bee, who shares my view that Donald Trump actually can’t read, took on his “basket of deplorables” big time Monday night (see video below … ).  On her blazing comet of a show, Full Frontal with Samatha Bee, the Canadian-born whiz kid tore into Trump with a chainsaw of wit, condemning his pandering to the under-educated, mean-spirited Alt-Right white supremacists that left this long-time comedy writer spewing coffee across the keyboard.

In a stunning montage of Trump telling a parade of newscasters over and over again, “I am the least racist person you know,” the self-proclaimed billionaire obviously assumed facts not in evidence about their peeps.  “Now, obviously Trump did not invent racism.  If he had, it would have gone bankrupt years ago.”

Bee then rips into Trump hiring a well-known racist, Steve Bannon, as his campaign manager.  Bannon, who has taken leave from running the fact-free on-line Alt-Right Breitbart website.  That Steve Bannon.

I think of Trump as Lear-Jet trash.  Somehow, I have trouble imagining Franklin posing Eleanor in front of his plane in a thong with an AK-47 to please the NRA.  Trump’s penthouse, done in early Elvis, smacks of someone who just won the uber-Lotto, and that he shares his taste, his beliefs, such as they are, and his view of the world with other folks who start talking and get left standing alone at the barbecue.  Apparently, Samantha Bee thinks less of him than I do!

If I quote any more from the show, I’d need a spoiler warning.  So do yourself a favor.  Go get a towel for your keyboard and watch this amazing woman work.  Samantha Bee is the real antidote for night sweats brought on by the looming vandals and visigoths at the gates.  As long as our comedians can cut peat out of the bog and build huts of laughter from the muck, I think we’ll be okay.

Check it out below (in two parts) …


Full Frontal with Samatha Bee, Mondays 10:30 p.m. on the TBS or catch her on Youtube.

Image Screen-captured from Youtube.


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