The President Show Completely Lampoons Trump: ‘Tonight’s Theme Is Chaos’ (Video)

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The President Show has done it again, perfectly presenting the reality of the White House in a hilarious way.

After lying about two phone calls that never happened, one with the President of Mexico and one, absurdly, with the leader of the Boy Scouts of America, Trump’s week got even worse. His cabinet is in upheaval, and two more phone calls have cropped up to haunt him. Well, transcripts of them, anyway, calls with the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico. Calls in which he basically admitted that the “Mexico will Pay” was a political ploy — one that he never intended to live up to — and said that the Australian leader was “worse than him.”

Trump’s White House seems to be chaotic, not the controlled kind that produces results, either. This, while raising fear in the American people that we have zero quality leadership, also presents a perfect opportunity for Satire. The President Show is jumping on the lampoonery bandwagon and we are loving it.

The President Show sets the stage by putting Trump on the phone, talking to someone who says they will pay for the wall and give him “free burritos for life.” Trump then loudly name drops that he is talking to the President of Mexico.

Hitting him on his low-level English use while pushing for only high-level English speakers to be allowed to enter the country, they continue with a speech that is so un-English that one feels they are actually watching Trump speak at a rally. Honestly, it is worse that Trump’s usual 4th grade or less speech, but not by a lot.

This Video is hilarious, short, and honestly displays the reason that so many are concerned by Trump’s presidency: this is really how more and more of us, see him. He really will lie right to our faces, he’s been caught doing it way too often.

Watch the video here, courtesy of Youtube and Comedy Central:

Featured image via screen capture from Youtube

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