Are You Ready To Play “Where In The World Is Kellyanne Conway?”

Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon has done a brilliant job parodying Donald Trump’s favorite campaign surrogate and current staffer, Kellyanne Conway. From her “Walking On Sunshine” skit where she hilariously went through a “day off” — to the creepy “Fatal Attraction” skit where she stalked Jake Tapper in ways that would make Glenn Close blush.

This week’s offering from SNL didn’t feature too much of McKinnon’s talents but did make light of Kellyanne Conway’s recent disappearance from most of the news channels and cycles.  Anyone who remembers the PBS classic “Where In The World Is Carmen SanDiego” will certainly get a kick out of their spoof.

The rest of the SNL cast masterfully stepped up to this task. From Sasheer Zamata’s impression of “The Chief” to several of the cast members and host Chris Pine perfectly recreating the sounds of “Rockapella” — this one hits on all levels as far as putting their talents on display.

After all of that, we get to meet our contestants, played by two actual children instead of cast members playing children. After their introduction and the introduction of the game show host, the host asks if they are “ready to find Kellyanne Conway?”

The two kids look at each other and one announces “we don’t really want to find her.”

An answer most of America would probably agree with.

Check out the short but hilarious sketch below:

In the real world, as mentioned before, Conway has disappeared in large part from the media spotlight. Some channels, like MSNBC, have reportedly banned her from appearing on their programs. In addition to that, the administration, apparently tired of her deviations from Trump’s official lines, have reportedly benched her as well — though she has shown up on Fox and a few other right-wing news outlets since then without much fanfare or attention. Even where she is not banned, Trump does seem to have her on a much tighter leash.

It is unknown what the future holds, but it seems at least for now, folks are simply tired of the woman who shamelessly coined the term “alternative facts.”


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