The Ad For Trump’s Phoenix Rally The Right Doesn’t Want You To See

phoenix campaign rally ad minorities

A Craigslist ad seeking very specific kinds of actors for Trumps latest campaign event, a Phoenix rally is raising quite a few eyebrows. In fact, it is very likely that the right wing really wishes no one would see this ad, ever.

The rumors say that Trump’s Pheonix rally will be a stage from which he can pardon a right-wing criminal and former Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Arpaio’s conviction for contempt of court arose from his refusal to stop treating minorities differently than whites. Despite that, someone wants minorities to come “act” like Trump supporters for the cameras at this Pheonix rally.

That someone, whoever it is, put up this ad in the South Phoenix “gigs” section:

The ad seems to have been updated to have less controversial language, and then eventually deleted:

Most of us recall, the fact that someone had put up similar ads regarding other political figures. Namely, Hillary Clinton, and the rumors of bused-in fans at rallies and paid actors. No one, not in all that time, though, was able to find anyone paid through such an ad. Time will tell if these Trump ads are the same smoke and mirrors tricks or actually desperately stupid attempts to gets some non-white faces “holding Trump signs and cheering on command.”

It is easier to believe that this is real, of course. Trump has had an FEC complaint filed against him for failing to disclose to them that he paid actors for his campaign events in violation of US law. He got away with it. After acknowledging that he paid them, the FEC found that the “modest” amount, $12,000 for paid supporters, could be dismissed. Knowing that he has done so in the past makes it harder to rule out now, especially with Trump’s track record on loopholes.

The twitter reactions are great:

Trump supporters, y’all:

The funny thing, Arizona went for Romney, the GOP candidate, in 2012 and Trump in 2016, but they are looking for paid supporters now? Well, actually, the Phoenix Mayor made it pretty clear this rally is not welcome there, even in the conservative stronghold of Arizona:

We don’t know if this ad is real. We do know that this is one of the tricks that Trump has used in the past. We do know that Trump’s support is waning. And, we do know that it is hard to dismiss as real, even if it is fake because of Trump’s previous record.

However, real or fake, it is worth noting that when this same tactic was falsely, on multiple occasions — with zero previous behavior to back it up — used against Hillary Clinton, Trump supporters believed it as a concrete fact.

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