That Time When A Town Punked Hundreds Of Annoying Nazis

punked nazis

Sometimes, a simple solution is the best one. Especially when that simple solution defeats Nazis at their own game, raises money to help others’ escape their hate groups, and results in one of the best non-violent trolls in a lifetime.

Trolled, pwned, taken, hoodwinked… whatever you call it, watching these Nazis punked is about the best thing you’ll see today.

Such sad faces!:

Back in 2013, a small German town, Wunsiedel, had a Nazi problem. Every year, hundreds of extremist right wing white supremacists would gather there to strut their hate-stuff down the streets of the small town. They would parade their bigotry down the street, carrying their signs and exposing all who lived there to their intolerance and communal small-mindedness. That is, until the town decided to “sponsor” the event in 2014.

Not just any sponsorship either. You know those “walk-a-thons” where you sponsor people for a certain dollar amount per a certain distance for a charity? Well, these Nazis were sponsored for their walk by the town, and when they reached their goal they had raised a very hefty sum, 10,000 Euros, that went to, you guessed it, fight Nazis.

Their faces though:

nazis punked by entire town

The signs along the way declared things like “if only the Fuerer knew” and “quick like a greyhound, tough like leather, and more generous than ever before.” But at the finish line, the final stroke of genius: the thanks for raising all that money against themselves. Nazi v. Nazi, and we all win.

Their faces are priceless, it is enough to bring joy to anyone who recognized the Nazi movement, and white supremacy in all its facets, as one of the evils of humanity.

The EXIT-Deutschland project helps those trapped in the neo-Nazi movement get safely out of there.

This video is old, but honestly appears to show a way that we win, every time, against Nazis. Turn their hate into a funding machine to help people who are affected by their hate, or who are trying to get out of their ranks.

They don’t care about counter protests, they seem to feed on the division it causes, but this they have no defense against except not attending their own rallies. Or, they fight themselves with their own efforts:

Enjoy the video, then pass along — you know someone who deserves the same silly grin on their face that you have right now at seeing these confused right-wingers realize that they just walked to defeat themselves.


Featured image and stills via screen capture from youtube

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