Melissa McCarthy Hilariously Roasts Sean Spicer As Only She Can (Video)

It’s often said that the President and the administration enjoy having a “bully pulpit.” Melissa McCarthy took that notion and made it literal in this week’s Saturday Night Live when she showed up on the late night comedy program. McCarthy did a parody of Press Secretary Sean Spicer in one of his press conferences. The results were absolutely hilarious. (see clip below)

“Spicer” started off by demanding an apology from the press for “how mean they had been to him over the past two weeks”

“And that apology is not accepted!!!” she barked. 

Taking questions from reporters, “Spicer” booed, mocked and even caged one reporter — from CNN, of course. SNL also played up the recent nonsensical “in real life” exchange the Secretary has had with reporters over the so-called “Muslim travel Ban.” After using the word “ban” himself and quoting President Trump’s tweet using the word ban, McCarthy went on a tirade attacking the reporter and insisting it was “his words” and not the administrations. This took “alternative facts” to a new level.

“Spicer” eventually started attacking reporters physically using the podium, or “pulpit” as a battering ram — charging into reporters whenever their questions upset the Press Secretary.

Then it was time for Kate McKinnon, doing another great impression. This time it was Betsy DeVos, Trump’s controversial nominee for Education Secretary. DeVos took one question before McCarthy shoved her off the stage to avoid further embarrassment.

Just when you thought that McCarthy couldn’t take the caricature any further, she broke a Super-Soaker and began firing it at a reporter to “wash his mouth out with soap.” (The gun apparently had soapy water in it)

“Spicer” then launched into the signature SNL line — except it wasn’t the opening of the show. When corrected on that point, McCarthy went back on the attack.

Check out the hilarious clip below and remember that sometimes we laugh just so we don’t cry;

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