Melissa McCarthy Fights Off A Hungry Sarah Huckabee Sanders On SNL (Video)

On Saturday Night Live this week, Melissa McCarthy returned to host for the fifth time.  Of course, there was no way she was going to skip doing what has become one of SNL’s biggest hits, her Sean Spicer spoof. Instead of “resting on her laurels” McCarthy made sure this one would take things to a whole new level.

When we join the skit, Spicer is feeling “out of the loop” as his assistant, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (played masterfully by Aidy Bryant) is running the press briefing. Sanders claims Spicer is off doing Naval Reserve duties, but a reporter points out that the Press Secretary is hiding in the bushes outside the briefing room. Sanders handles the briefing, taking questions from reporters until they begin asking why she doesn’t take over as she is so much nicer and better than Spicer.

With that, Spicer comes in with a fire extinguisher and sprays it all over the “liar’s” pants. After harassing his favorite target, Glenn Thrush, Spicer goes to the visual props. This time going through a series of figures stacked inside of figures (the old Russian toy) eventually ending up at “Steve Bannon” — played by the green slime ghost from Ghostbusters.

But Spicer is dejected and feels that his job is threatened — he needs to find Trump. He takes off on his motorized podium and heads for Manhattan. He eventually ends up at Trump Tower and demands to see Trump.  There, a doorman informs him that Trump doesn’t go there anymore. Spicer then heads for Jersey, where he finally finds his boss.

Enter Alec Baldwin’s Trump character. Spicer and Trump discuss his status. Trump assures him that Sanders is no threat to him, as she doesn’t have his “spice.” Trump tickles Spicer and then makes a pass at him. Spicer resists but Trump assures him it’s ok, as he is famous. The two embrace like long-lost lovers as the scene ends.

But that’s just a tease … check out the full sketch and have some laughs below:

IF there were an Olympics for great parodies and comedy sketches, Melissa McCarthy would be a gold medalist.

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