Make ‘Em Laugh: America’s Prankster Joe Biden Still Keeps Us In Stitches 

In the aftermath of our nightmare scenario coming true this last the election, a lot of Americans found comfort and solace from reality in the dark comedy of Barack Obama and Joe Biden pranking and lampooning the living daylights of the incoming administration. As Trump reaches the 60-day mark, with an abysmal approval rating of 37% from making The Hunger Games seem possible before 2020, we could really use some more comic relief.  So here is a collection of our favorite pranksters.

Imagine how the White House full of Islamophobes would have flipped out if Joe Biden had really switched all their keyboards.  

Obama Biden Keeping Americans Happy

Have you heard the latest? The Washington Nationals are going to sell cocktail franks as “Trump foot-longs” at the ball park.

Obama Biden condoms

Trump would probably leak them too, and then attack the media for calling them fake.

Obama Biden Trump's tax returns

If only Joe Biden had made this happen the day Pence pushed to defund Planned Parenthood his first week in office.

Obama Biden Planned Parenthood

Wonder if Trumpcare would cover it.

Obama Biden phishing

You know, the writers of @RoguePOTUSStaff could still pull this one off. We’re sure Joe Biden would help out.

Obama Biden practical jokes

Remember, nothing takes down politicians like a good sex scandal. And we know how hard it is for Trump to keep his yuge hands off women.

Obama Biden IDGAF

It looks like that passport wasn’t fake, after all!

Obama Biden Trump Birth Certificate

This would have been the ultimate comeuppance the day Trump removed transgender protections.

Obama Biden Pride Flags

He is turning more orange by the day. You think it’s the water…?

Obama Biden Clinton cheetos

Still trying to figure out if the amateur President would have understood.

Obama Biden Frank Underwood

Just imagine the press conference when Kerry outed the witch hunt over those!

Obama Kerry secret code

As we learned from Singin’ in the Rain, “Make ’em laugh, make ’em laugh, Don’t you know ev’ry one wants to laugh?” Well, laugh on America. It’s important. Here’s how, thanks to our favorite V.P. And master joker, Joe Biden.

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