‘Just Say NO To War!’




LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that has a mentally incompetent individual as the head of our government who seems to be trying with all his might to get us into another damn war!


He deliberately pissed off China by talking to Taiwan. Taiwan is a very small country. China is not! His main security advisor, Rosie O’Donnell, I mean Steve, Steve Bannon has already publicly stated that we will be at war with China in five to 10 years. The last thing we need is a war with China. They outnumber Americans bigly (to put it in terms Cheeto can understand).


He has pissed off the Middle East with his ridiculous, and now rejected, “Muslim Ban” and especially Yemen with his ill advised (by his REAL ESTATE mogul son-in-law among others at the dinner table) raid that cost American lives and yielded nothing but immense ill will. We do not need a war with the Middle East, as they are bat shit crazy religious fanatics content to fight each other until our idiot leader gives them common cause to unite against us!


Then there is the way he has treated our allies. He pissed off Australia by reneging on a deal President Obama made and hanging up in the middle of a scheduled call with their Prime Minister. He has threatened Mexico with “The Wall” and saying to their President he would send in our troops to “clean up” their country. Even England has said he would not be allowed to address Parliament on his scheduled state visit, a courtesy extended to every president before him.


Finally he has said many times that our military, the largest and best by far in the whole world, is woefully inadequate. That he is much more knowledgeable than our generals about military matters because of his ROTC class in prep school and that the largest nuclear arsenal in the world needs beefing up. As of now we can only destroy the world 10 times.


Fortunately the leaders of his own party are starting to distance themselves from this mad man. Only one other president in history has fired his own AG and he resigned rather than face impeachment, so we do have that going for us!


You can reach me at theliberalredneck@gmail.com and you can visit with me, the Pagan Goddess and the Professor every Thursday evening at 10:00PM CST on www.BlogTalkRadio.com/theliberalredneck.


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