Guardians Of The Fallacy: What Fox Viewers Actually Know

guardians of the fallacy trevor noah fox news comey memos
What is it that Fox News viewers actually know about the Comey memos?

Trevor Noah is becoming, quickly, a breath of sanity in a whirlwind 24-hour news cycle of oppressive dimensions. Not just funny and on point, he keeps bringing home the facts. Thursday night the fact he brought home was that if nothing else, Fox News could be titled: Guardians of the Fallacy.

We all know by now that this president is cooking his own goose, Keith Olbermann identifying 17 impeachable acts that have nothing to do with colluding with Russia or “fake news,” in just one week. ┬áBut the revelation of the Comey memos may be this administration’s Watergate — the moment that scandal became inevitable impeachment proceedings.

News about Trump, his White House, the FBI, Russia, and more than anything his apparent obstruction of justice is coming in at break-neck speeds. It boggles the mind that any of his supporters could be missing the import of this, as it is we can barely come up for air before we are inundated with the next wave of “bombshell” revelations, and updates. Micro-bursts of information that are so quickly replaced with new data that we can hardly keep up.

How do Trumpers remain so comfortably in the dark? Well, they are being protected from the ramifications of the truth vigorously by the nearly governmentally sanctioned news outlet, Fox.

Here’s what Fox News viewers actually know about Trump, his presidency, and the James Comey memos, the video is cued up to the relevant┬áportion:

Featured image via screen capture from Youtube

Authors note: No offense intended to the amazing Guardians of the Galaxy, who have done nothing to deserve the comparison. Have you seen it yet? Because you should have!

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