In The Great Green Room: Presenting “Goodnight Moon,” Donald Trump Edition.

GoodNight Moon Reboot

Before testifying before Congress, former FBI Director James Comey issued a written opening statement. In it, he detailed an unexpected private dinner in the White House’s Green Room with President Trump. Hang on. A great green room? There weren’t three little bears, but there were three calls for loyalty. Two stewards instead of kittens. This is sounding like ripe fodder for a parody of Margaret Wise Brown’s children’s classic, Goodnight Moon!

Goodnight Moon, rebooted

Indeed, some intrepid wordsmiths seized on these resemblances to do just that, and their parody has been making its way around social media over the last day. Ms. Brown probably wouldn’t have appreciated it, but we sure did!!

With no disrespect intended to the original authors, their parody missed out on some good rhymes, and lost some of the characteristic structure of Goodnight Moon. Indeed, a number of Facebook readers expressed the desire among their friends to tinker a little and make the parody closer to the pattern and meter of Goodnight Moon.

Challenge accepted! So we present Goodnight Moon, Donald J. Trump edition:

Green Room as Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Room

In the great Green Room,
There was a narcissistic
Orange buffoon,
And obstruction of justice
starting to loom.
And there were three little threats of what disloyalty gets
And two Navy stewards
And soft whispered words
And little-boy hands
And FBI plans
And a combover bush on a head full of mush
And the White House staffers, who were hissing “Shush!”

Goodnight room
Goodnight gloom
Goodnight impeachment starting to loom
Goodnight stewards
And the orange buffoon
Goodnight hands
Goodnight plans
Goodnight White House
Goodnight distant spouse
Goodnight Tweets
And goodnight leaks
Goodnight combover
And goodnight bush
Goodnight Russia
Goodnight mush
And goodnight to the staffers hissing “Shush!”
Goodnight Fake News
Goodnight reason
Good night President guilty of treason.

Got suggested revisions? Post them in the comments!

In case you want it, the original text can be found here.

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