Full Frontal: Samantha Bee Takes On Pajama Boy Bigot Sebastian Gorka (Video)

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee is known for eviscerating the egos of the over-privileged whose heads need a little deflating. And unfortunately for Trumpster bigot Sebastian Gorka, she set her sights on him during this episode of Full Frontal.

Sebastian Gorka is one of those special types of bigots that are too timid to admit they hate other races and cultures because they don’t like the stigma attached to being a bigot. He even wore a medal associated with a Nazi-aligned Hungarian nationalist group to Trump’s inauguration according to Chris Hayes of MSNBC. He is also closely aligned with antisemite Stephen Bannon, the former executive chair of Breitbart before Trump made the asinine decision to take him from being his campaign manager to senior White House advisor.

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Gorka considers himself an “alpha male.” He likes to huff and puff and celebrates the deaths of other human beings to further his own ends. He absolutely hates Muslims. He believes that ISIS is directly aligned with the doctrine of Islam even though many moderate Muslims find ISIS to be abhorrent and a stain on their culture and religion. Much like Christians (at least the sane ones) find Dylann Roof to be a stain on theirs.

But to Gorka, he would question these moderates thinking that he obviously knows more about the tenets of their religion than they do.

Gorka likes to call liberals “pajama boys” which is odd since he got his panties knotted up when a little criticism came his way from terrorism expert Michael A. Smith. Gorka threatened to sue Smith over his tweets. Which is kind of funny since he thinks of himself as some sort of bad ass.

Fox News even billed Gorka as a counter-terrorism expert. But according to Smith, an actual expert, Gorka “does not possess expertise sufficient to assist the president of the United States with formulating and guiding national security policies.”

Gorka is as far from being an “alpha male” as you can get. And after the thrashing Samantha Bee gives him on Full Frontal, this little snowflake is going to need to find a safe space. Check her out below.


Featured image of Samantha Bee via screen capture

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