The Epic Beer Commercial That Must Go Viral: #OpenYourWorld (Video)

beer commercial
Opposites may not attract but can they have a conversation?

A new beer commercial is posing some very serious questions.

What if you found yourself face to face with your political opposite, but didn’t know that until after you had established that you had common ground and worked well together? Would you sit and hash out your differences, (over a beer) or leave?

In a new Heineken ad campaign, #OpenYourWorld, which has been called controversial, people with opposing views are put in a room together. What follows is not what you would expect, it is captivating and illuminating. It also allows for hope.

Right now the United States is in political turmoil, the likes of which has not been seen since Nixon, and it is arguably worse this time. Not only do we not know the level of influence the Russians have gained in our top offices, we do know that they set out to make Trump win and Trump indeed achieved the office after losing the popular vote. But, that is simply part of a huge problem, including those opposing viewpoints, racial upheaval being fed from the Oval Office, and the threat of nuclear war with North Korea. Not to mention the fact that we are now to be at war in Afganistan indefinitely and will be sending more Americans there to die.

That said, the major issue seems to be that the gaslighting from the White House can’t be affected by truth, reality, or facts. What if we could reach those people? The ones who are unable to tell the truth from the lies, with civil discourse over a beer? Not on every issue, but maybe on one or two — enough to get them to open up their world a little bit? Some, we’ll never reach but those simply won’t matter, we don’t need all of them.

Right now, 25.5 percent of this country gave us a leader we may literally not survive — as a country or a planet — 24 percent wouldn’t have been enough.

Seriously, 1.5 percent of them — or less — could have changed the world.

We aren’t saying that a beer commercial will change the world, but perhaps this is the kind of message we need. For every one of them we can find enough common ground with to open a dialogue we may be able to make a difference. Most won’t agree, but a civil conversation may be exactly what we need to win the small number we need to vote for sanity in 2020.

Watch the commercial here:

Featured image via Pixabay, Public Domain

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