Bannon Hangs Picture Of Himself As Napoleon In His Office

Stephen Bannon as Napoleon

Not since we found out that Trump has faked Time magazine covers of himself in his golf clubs have we come across a story as pretentious as this — White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon has a painting of himself as French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte hanging in his own office.

We have simulated what it might look like for the image accompanying this article. According to The Hill, former Breitbart contributing writer, and UK politician Nigel Farage gifted the portrait of Bannon in Napoleon’s military regalia.

The idea that Bannon has grandiose ambitions isn’t surprising. CNN’s Jake Tapper once said that Bannon’s White House ambitions were “to blow everything up.” He appears to be working with Trump to deconstruct the government from within. In February, The Washington Post called him, terrifyingly, “the most powerful person in the Trump White House.”

“[…] he wants to destroy the American ethos of multiculturalism, the very idea of the United States as a melting pot united not by racial and ethnic identity but by a set of ideals. And that’s before he even looks overseas,” said Post writer, Paul Waldman.

Bannon and Trump’s ambitions appear to be perfectly in sync if you consider the many portraits of Trump as Napoleon appearing on the internet.

Trump even once made the statement, “Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Donald Trump: We’re all cut from the same cloth, and that cloth is very very large.” for a Pizza Hut “New Yorker” TV ad in 2000.

See the video below:

Fittingly, Napoleon is quoted as having once said, “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” This honestly seems to suit Trump and Bannon very well.

It has been said of Napoleon that his ambition is what actually led to his downfall.

“The vast ambitions of Napoleon Bonaparte led to the expansion of the French Empire across Europe but at the price of his own downfall. The quest to conquer Russia would see to the demise of the charismatic general turned emperor.”

Certainly, with Trump and Bannon, it appears that Russia figures prominently again, though it currently looks like Putin and Trump have the strange ambition to work together, even when there is no logical reason or interest for America. Will this ambition be the downfall for today’s Napoleonic figures, Trump and Bannon?

Featured image: Napoleon-aux-tuileries via Wikimedia Commons with Bannon via Wikipedia

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