Swift And Just Vengeance For Another Trump Twitter-Tantrum

Trump as a baby crying in a bathtub

Trump took to twitter to whine about how unfair the media would treat him about his record during his first 100 days. You might call it schadenfreude when you enjoy seeing the responses this much. It must be all that unequivocal truth from a hurricane of tweets that feels like such a swift, just, and somewhat satisfying vengeance. It’s not fully satisfying because he’s still likely to tweet something equally vexing or worse at any given moment. But go ahead and do yourself a favor and check this one out.

We’re guessing that Trump must have just read something about his historic low approval rating to induce this tweet in the early morning. (Even Breitbart shared the news, so he couldn’t avoid it simply by ignoring the mainstream media.)

Now, how about these responses from the editor, Alex Zalben? They kind of says it all:

“You’re the guy that keeps setting ridiculous benchmarks and missing them, dummy.”

“Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad you suck at instituting horrible ideas. But you can’t set arbitrary deadlines, then say they don’t matter.”

Tweet screenshot
Screenshot of Alex Zalben’s Twitter response

Alex unleashed a fury on Donald that is something to behold in the thread of replies.

Now check out this scathing response from author and self-described “expert on global democracy,” Brian Klaas:

Just the facts, Brian! He checks them off:
-Fastest NSA resignation (Flynn)
-Fastest FBI investigation
-Most unpopular in history
-Most ethical conflicts
-Most golf in modern history

Mr. Klaas backs it up with more facts to show why criticisms about Trump’s record are anything but ridiculous.

Klaas had another golden barb to share with Trump today, as well:

Tweet response from Brian Klaas that showcases Trump's unparalleled hypocrisy
Tweet response from Brian Klaas that showcases Trump’s unparalleled hypocrisy

As Holly #TheResistance put it:

“Face it, Trump.
Your first 100 days have been a disaster of your own making.
Too many failures to fit into 140 characters.

And to leave no trace of doubt about how most Americans feel about Trump at this point:

“Again, I ask, on behalf of millions of Americans and people around the world who are terrified by your dictatorship: Why is the impeachment taking so long? (in picture)

We can be sure this isn’t the “Friday Feeling” Trump had in mind, but he set himself up –again–for the Twitter fallout.

We leave you with a visual from Tech journalist, Jack Schofield, just to paint the picture as clearly as we possibly can:

“You’re such an incompetent assclown that you have the worst 100-day rating in history. It’s amazing that your score is as high as 41%.”

Featured image: Waaah! from Wikimedia Commons with Trump’s face: Evan Guest (CC BY 2.0) 

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