‘Would You Date A Republican?’ This Man Wants To Know If It Will Hurt His Dating Chances (VIDEO)

"Today we are asking people if they would date a Republican," this brave soul declares as he jauntily crosses Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

“Today we are asking people if they would date a Republican,” a brave soul declares as he jauntily crosses Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. “No, no, no,” the first three respondents answer straight off the bat.

“Why NOT?” demands a somewhat miffed David Neal as his man bun droops sadly behind him. He then shouts insistently to a blonde woman crossing the street, “WOULD YOU DATE A REPUBLICAN?!?” She turns around and shakes her head, adding a negative hand gesture just to make sure he gets the message.

Finally, our intrepid bachelor comes across a group of more open-minded women. One tentatively ventures:

“It depends if they’re really Republican or just moderate.”

When he asks what she means by “really Republican,” she responds, “like Donald  Trump.”

When asked “would you date a Republican,” most instantly answered, “NO.”

Poor David Neal isn’t having a much luck when it comes to finding women (or men) willing to date a Republican. The next interviewee flatly declares, “no.” To add insult to injury, a female passerby bursts into hysterical laughter.

Meanwhile, some of the “yes” and “maybe” answers seem highly suspect.

  • A man shrugs and replies, “would I date a Republican? I’d date anybody.”
  • A woman answers “yes,” but admits she has never actually dated a Republican and probably would not date a Donald Trump Republican.
  • Another woman admits she’d date Donald Trump or his son because they’ve got lots of money. But she doesn’t specify whether she’d date any other Republicans.
  • One of the women who said “no” at first didn’t even know what a “Republican” is. When David Neal told her Donald Trump is a Republican she changed her answer to “yes.”

All in all, eight people instantly said no, they would not date a Republican (though one switched camps). Four people instantly answered yes (though that includes the man who said he’d date anybody). Three answered the question with highly conditional yeses and two didn’t know. Whether positive or negative, respondents had much stronger feelings about “Donald Trump Republicans” than “Paul Ryan Republicans.”

I almost felt sorry for David Neal until a quick visit to The Social Man’s Facebook page and website revealed his (or at least his employer’s) true nature as a men’s rights activist (MRA). MRAs see themselves as oppressed and discriminated against by mean old feminists who refuse to shave their armpits or provide sex on demand. The website features articles with charming titles like, “Female Psychology – Why Women are So Damn Difficult” and “3 Reasons Mentally Strong Men Struggle to Find A Partner Willing To Put Up With Their Sexist Bullshit.”

The purpose of this entire “would you date a Republican” exercise is to see if “being a Republican helps or hurts” a man’s dating prospects. Since Los Angeles skews liberal, The Social Man should maybe try a more conservative city next time, like Oklahoma City or Virginia Beach.

Watch: Would you date a Republican?

Featured image: Video screengrab/The Social Man.

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