Twitter Responds To Chris Christie’s Latest ‘-Gate’: Beachgate

Beachgate: Chris Christie and family on beach

Just in time for Independence Day, Chris Christie ordered beaches closed across New Jersey due to a budget standoff. The Legislature failed to pass the budget, so the citizens face the holiday with closed tourist attractions and 40 state parks. Even campers had to leave. Yet 48 hours later, pictures surfaced of Christie and his family enjoying Island Beach State Park all to themselves. Certainly, it’s a move that indicates that Christie probably doesn’t care what he does now that his approval rating is the worst for any governor in any state poll ever, at 15% by Quinnipiac. Well, Twitter does seem to care, and the Twitterverse has been busy creating new ways to photoshop Christie in his beach chair into some very funny new contexts.

Enjoy some lighthearted humor and Happy Independence Day from American News X.

From Here to Eternity gets a new cameo appearance:

A whole collection, with the famous “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” photo, comfortably remembering Bridgegate, posing casually with Kellyanne in the Oval Office, and appearing on the Soprano’s at Satriale’s Pork Store:

Incidentally, Christie can now add Beachgate to Coptergate, and Bridgegate. The lesser-known Coptergate was coined when Christie flew in a state police helicopter to his son’s high school baseball game.

A closer look at Christie and Kellyanne getting casual at the Oval Office:

Looks like the author, Brad Thor is one of the few to have a positive reaction:

Looking way too at home in Planet of the Apes:

And in the animated movie WALL-E:

And What Ever Happened to Baby Jane:

Imagine the creepy Jaws music theme here:

And of course, Beach Blanket Bingo:

Elvis and Blue Hawaii:

He does look a bit out of his element in Star Wars:

We even get a Seinfeld appearance:

Blown all out of proportion:

Rehearsing the invasion of Normandy:

An inspirational reflection:

And a complete plot twist idea:

A very tan looking Christie uses the excuse of not getting any sun in the video below:

Finally, here is Christie from August 2011 telling the Garden State to “Get the hell off the beach” due to Hurricane Irene. Today, America would like to tell Christie the same.

Featured Image: Screenshot via YouTube

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